Top 9 Accounting Basics for Nonprofits

Improving Cash Flow In Your NonprofitThere are many ways to improve cash flow, so let’s take a look at some of the strategies that have been working for our clients.Review your cash flow statement (cash summary) regularly If you want your cash flow to improve, you’ll need to keep a regular eye on how your cash is moving.Fortunately, accounting software like LessAccounting makes it very easy to generate cash flow statements and reports. Here’s an example of

Business Owner’s Toolkit

Running a business is hard enough getting clients and making them happy. Knowing what software to help you run your business adds another layer of confusion and stress. Here’s some of our favorite apps to help run our own business. Payroll Software WagePoint WagePoint helps you manage your cash flow while keeping your business clean with the IRS—all from your own computer. WagePoint helps you customize your payroll by letting you define income types, deductions, and

Marketing Automation Best Practices Can Be Easy

You’re a small business owner and marketing automation, unless you own a marketing agency, the word “marketing” probably sends you into a sweaty-palmed state of confusion and discomfort. And “automation”? Calls to mind a robot sucking the personal element out of your business. When you think about it, “marketing automation” is a pretty terrible term for a technology that’s supposed to help your business. But the truth is, marketing automation doesn’t have to be scary. In fact,

Small Decisions Create Business Momentum

How do you plan a conference? How do you leave freelancing? How do you launch and build a successful app? There isn’t one answer to each of these questions, but rather thousands of little decisions. You’ve come to the place you are now in your career as an outcome of many small decisions. These hundreds of decisions might have seemed insignificant at the time, but in reality, they build up and create forward progress. There’s

Easy Traffic by Showing Love

Google’s search engine algorithm loves outbound links from websites with high domain authority, but don’t worry, this isn’t an article about SEO. Guest posts are a great way to build links and bring traffic to your website, but don’t worry, this isn’t an article about content development either. This article is for people wanting to build traffic to their website in the hopes of making sales. While looking for places to guest blog, I realized

Business Partner Wanted – How I Found My Business Partner

You're a business owner and you're wanting a business partner. How do you know when you've found the right one? Seeking a business partner.

The End of Overdue Invoices – Are you using these two methods?

Owning your own business has some truly amazing benefits. You can make your own hours. You can take on the projects that you want, and turn down the ones you don’t. You can work on your terms, and do it your way. The downside Sending an invoice, and hitting the refresh button on your email over and over again waiting for the notification that your client has paid– like your inbox is an awful freelancing

7 Ways To Get Better Credit

Because a number of different factors affect your credit score, the best thing to do to improve it is, well, everything you can. Even if you decrease your credit card debt by just 10%, you will likely see an improvement in your scores by the next month. Having a proven path forward that is the challenge for most people, so I’d like to share with you 7 ways to get better credit: 1) Check your

When Business Credit Cards Make Sense

If you’re self-employed or run a small business on the side, one of the most dreadful tasks at tax time can be sorting through your personal and professional expenses. Should you be using the same credit card for both? Or is it time to get a card which will be used exclusively for your business? Four circumstances when it DOES make sense If you find yourself in one or more of these four predicaments, it’s

What Really Affects Your Credit Score?

If you read my last post on the basics of credit, you already know that good credit can save you money on things you were already wanting to buy. Credit is a crowbar that you can use for leverage. It is a coupon with no expiration date that can get you huge discounts on homes, cars, and even the stuff that goes inside of them. A “prime” FICO score above 700 and reap can get you everything from