Google’s search engine algorithm loves outbound links from websites with high domain authority, but don’t worry, this isn’t an article about SEO.

Guest posts are a great way to build links and bring traffic to your website, but don’t worry, this isn’t an article about content development either.

This article is for people wanting to build traffic to their website in the hopes of making sales.

While looking for places to guest blog, I realized all companies love positive testimonials from their customers. Companies want to talk about their happy customers.

The reality is your software startup is probably using anywhere from 5 to 20 third-party products to help your application run. Here are a few to jog your memory:

  • Hosting
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Customer Support Tool
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Text Messaging
  • Email Delivery
  • Video Hosting
  • Error Handling (not that you have any bugs)
  • Bugs and Features Tracking

And that’s just for your application.

  • On the business side:
  • Accounting Software like LessAccounting? 🙂
  • Payroll Software
  • Project Management Software
  • Time Tracking
  • Email Hosting
  • Team Chat
  • Do you cowork?

Any product or service you’re using would love to take credit for any small portion of your success, launch, reduction of stress, or happiness. So how do you approach your vendors and get them to talk about your product?

The Approach

Make yourself known to their marketing people. If you’re lucky, track them down at a conference, or tweet to them or email them. Tell them the pain point their product solved. Be straightforward, and tell them you’d love to help them with a case study or blog posts. When you email them, give them a quote to use on their website. Make using your quote easy for them; send them your logo as an EPS file, with your picture and job title.

What’s Your Angle?

What’s unique about your business? Are you new? Are you scaling a product? Are you working with an old or new technology that you can talk about? Do you use their product in a unique way? These companies don’t want to preach the same thing over and over. How can you angle your situation to help them attract more customers?

Here are a few mentions that have come from this approach…more are coming. 😉

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