US Bank – Bankcorp Background

U.S. Bancorp had assets of $403 billion at the end of 2014. It’s the parent of U.S. Bank, which its web site says is the nation’s fifth largest commercial bank. It claims a strong nation presence, but doesn’t, on its web site say where. But doing a search for a branch leads to the suggestion the company has a heavier presence beyond than within North Carolina, where there only two branch locations, both in Raleigh. (By comparison, there are 30 branches in Idaho, Arizona and Minnesota, where US Bancorp is headquartered.) The bank has strong presences in a number of other states, as well.

There are four account packages

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Premium

The Platinum offers 300 free combined transactions per month, the Gold offers 300, and the Silver offers 150. Additional transactions cost, respectively, $.30, $.40 and $.50. The Premium package includes an analyzed account, offering far fewer restrictions on such features as credit card processing, ADP payroll services, invoice processing, small business Visa cards and, among other things, business overdraft protection.

Small businesses can choose any of four remote banking (paying in) options – using a mobile device (for check deposits), using a dedicated scanner in your office, using a dedicated scanner from an assortment of locations, and using an electronic check service.

Mobile solutions also include account management, using your mobile device as a virtual credit card terminal, and mobile bill paying.

Customer Review

US Bank makes business banking easy, less complicated [that others], and more friendly!” – Jim H.

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