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How to Start a Photography Business

You have thought it over and feel you are ready to start a photography business. You know how to take great photos but what about the business side of being a professional photographer? Upfront Expenses to Start a Photography Business Camera Your camera is your most important part of your gear. Without it you can not call yourself a photographer. There is a lot of thought and research that goes into picking your first camera.

How To Effectively Use Photography Business Cards to Increase Revenue

Previously I wrote about “Free Photography Contracts”, make sure you checkout that article as well. If you’re a freelance photographer, your photography business cards are tools just like your cameras. Purpose of Business Cards Your photography business cards are marketing. This marketing is designed to increase your client leads. So they aren’t just for current clients, they’re for potential clients. How to use Photography Business Cards First, you have to get into the habit of carrying

9 Free Photography Contracts from Docracy

Why Have Photography Contracts? The purpose of a contract is to clearly set the rules of engagement, what is acceptable by both parties, and how to resolve possible conflicts. A clearly written contract will eliminate most future/possible miscommunications between you, the photographer, and the client. What is Docracy.com? Docracy calls itself “the web’s only open collection of legal contracts and the best way to negotiate and sign documents online.” To be less vague, Docracy has thousands of contracts