Non-Disparagement Clauses in Service Contracts Could Stop Negative Online Reviews!

Imagine this…a client hated your work and decides to leave a bad review on Yelp, then talks about it on Facebook, and continues to bad-mouth your work wherever he goes. CAN I STOP A CLIENT FROM POSTING A BAD REVIEW ABOUT ME? The short answer is “No,” but with a non-disparagement clause you can set […]

demand for payment letter

Understanding Employee Agreements

Start by knowing the difference between a W2 employee vs 1099 contractor, if you actually have an subcontractor read this article about Subcontractor Agreements. Purpose of an Employee Agreement To help facilitate a smooth working relationship between you and your employee, as well as guarantee certain rights and protections that are not otherwise present. Unfortunately, most of […]

How to Hire a Small Business Attorney

Most business owners think they can fly under the legal radar of their clients and don’t really need an attorney…until it’s too late. We’re not fans of being fear mongers but we do want to be realistic about giving advice. Where Do I Find an Attorney? Attorney Referral from a Friend The easiest way to […]

Hiring Writers? Consider These Legal Issues.

When you hire a writer as part of your SEO strategy or website content, there are a host of legal issues to consider before making the writer permanent. What Do You Expect From the Writer? If you are clear about your expectations, you will have no difficulty creating the “scope of work” clause to your […]

How to create professional interior design contracts

How to Prepare Professional Interior Design Contracts

How to prepare a good Interior Design Contract This article is written for interior designers and decorators who want to learn how to prepare a simple design contract for their clients. What elements do you need to write a successful interior design contract? Statement of Work: What does the client want the designer to do, and […]

Subcontractor Agreements, an Easy Explanation

Subcontractor Agreements, an Easy Explanation FYI this is about a 10-minute read, legal stuff bores me but it’s important to understand the agreements you’re signing. Overview: Let’s say you own a webshop and a client has hired you for a project. Now you want to hire a designer and a programmer to work for you […]