Hiring a Collection Agency for Unpaid Invoices

Your client hasn’t paid the invoice you sent them and it’s really late, so now what? Let’s start with a hypothetical situation. “Beachy Design Studios,” a Florida-based design firm, lands a big awesome website project in 2011 with “Mountain Top Hotel,” a Colorado-based hotel chain. Beachy Design Studios uses a service contract and Mountain Top Hotel signs […]

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Make Invoicing Simple with InvoiceSherpa

Make Invoicing Simple with InvoiceSherpa We’re super excited to announce another integration partner to help make your invoicing even more simple.   About InvoiceSherpa InvoiceSherpa is on a mission to get you paid. No one likes chasing down payments, and managing your accounts receivable takes valuable time that most business owners just don’t have. That’s […]


How to write a Demand For Payment Letter to Collect on Past Due Invoices

How to write a Demand For Payment Letter To Collect On Past Due Invoices I’m writing this article in collaboration with Anitha Cadambi, an attorney from California who actually enjoys writing about the law! Let’s talk a bit about collecting payments and writing Demand for Payment letters Let’s start with a hypothetical situation: “Beachy Design Studios,” […]

Understanding Service Contract Legal Jargon

Before we get into the meat of things, it’s morally necessary for us to remind you that when you are in the service industry, try not to make too many life-changing work decisions sans a contract. Of course, you want to trust the guy you are doing business with, but don’t trust him too much! […]


Common Contracts for a Service Business

This article is specially written for service based business which include design companies, web development, software companies, graphic design firms, marketing companies and photographers. What Kinds Of Contracts Do I Need? Service Contracts You will probably use this contract the most. It reflects the services you will provide and the price at which you are […]


Our Sales Action Plan Creates More Paying Clients

What Is A Sales Action Plan? An email sales action plan is a framework for the sales cycle of your business. Probably your typical sales cycle is this… a lead comes into your company, you put forth effort to land this new lead and then after a few weeks the communication fizzles out. Our sales […]

What Is A “Statement Of Work”?

If you’re a videographer, photographer, designer, programmer, or marketer, most client project conversations start with a proposal. If you provide any service, you should be using a contract. In a previous article, we outlined graphic design contracts and mentioned a statement of work. But what is a statement of work or SOW? What is a Statement of […]

Graphic Design Contracts Explained

Graphic design contracts or contracts in general should not be scary. Using a contract does not mean you don’t trust your client, or that you’re gearing up for lawsuit. A contract is an outline of how the business relationship and the project will proceed. In its simplest form, a contract takes the information used in […]

Qualifying Potential Clients to Save Time

When it comes to potential clients, there are two situations in building a service-based business: No leads or very few client leads: for you, getting a new client lead is a celebration, because you have barely enough work to scrape by and pay the bills. Since your business isn’t slammed with work, you have no fear […]

Selling a Global Team to Clients

In 2007, LessEverything was a Ruby on Rails consultancy, and we made our money primarily from building web apps for clients. Steve and I spent most of our days managing clients, developers, and on sales phone calls. We were and still are a global team, distributed across many time zones. When we were on the […]