Mr. T Warns Quickbooks Customers

Advice for QuickBooks Customers Each day I wake up, immediately watch a clip of Mr. T and dream of him becoming my friend since I’m his biggest fan. This morning we decided to pick on QuickBooks, like most mornings. But LessFilms, our video company, is super super busy. So the project had to be done in 15 minutes. Challenge accepted! I hope you get a little chuckle from our unofficial Mr. T/Rocky spoof video. Here’s some

How we are improving for search engines and social sites

We’re working hard to make the brochure/sales website for LessAccounting.com more awesome for search engines and social sites. We’re not 100% crazy about SEO but do want to follow some best practices. We’re using Middleman App for the brochure/sales & blog now.Generate favicons for many devices with Favicon Maker.Google Authorship we’re not fully done with this task, but here’s how to setup google authoriship.Here’s head partial this shows the conditional statements to change meta tags.Donnie from inboundable is our SEO hot stud muffin.

Relentless Marketing

My older sister, Alicia, just opened her first business. She’s a massage therapist in Savannah, Georgia. I’ve been emailing her my thoughts on business, tips, and feedback. It’ll eventually annoy her, but for now she seems to appreciate it. The thoughts below are from an email I sent her. You probably do not run a massage therapy business, but perhaps you can look at this advice and adapt it to your own business. Right now you