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Make Invoicing Simple with InvoiceSherpa

We’re super excited to announce another integration partner to help make your invoicing even more simple.


About InvoiceSherpa

InvoiceSherpa is on a mission to get you paid. No one likes chasing down payments, and managing your accounts receivable takes valuable time that most business owners just don’t have. That’s where InvoiceSherpa comes in: They consistantly remind your clients about their open invoices from the time the invoice is cut to the time you get paid.


Make Invoice Simple With…

    • Automated e-mail and SMS text invoice reminders
    • Live accounts receivable specialists who call on your behalf
    • Automatic integration with third-party collections and small-claims legal
    • Payment integration with Stripe and PayPal to allow payment directly from the reminder message
    • Invoice CRM for receivables to allow you to easily track events that happen with your invoices


The goal is to reduce your outstanding invoices and put cash back into your business. Stop hounding clients and get back to what you actually want to do: Run your business.


Here’s how to setup InvoiceSherpa with LessAccounting

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