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Should You Grow Your Freelance Business & Start Hiring Employees?

There’s a false hope among freelancers that growing to multiple employees will make a person “happier” or feel more successful or make more money. I’m not going to debate the definitions of success or happiness. It’s a common path for freelancers to move from solo to hiring, and most people expect it of them. Let’s take a deeper dive into what growing a company is like versus staying solo as a freelance business. Growing From

Cash Flow Problems Are Avoidable, Here’s How To Avoid And Predict Them.

Running a service-based company is about effectively managing your time, your employees’ time, your stress and your company’s cash. Running out of cash, having a cash flow problems, is deadly to a service-based company. But stop thinking cash flow has anything do with accounting or bookkeeping formulas. It doesn’t. It’s simple to understand but hard to avoid. Here are examples of mistakes we’ve made as a former web consultancy. Predict Cash Flow Problems, Look For

What Are Your Business Problems?

As we write blog posts we write about issues that we’ve faced in the past that have stuck out in our memory. What issues does your business have? Share with us some issues and let’s start a discussion.  Please contact Us.

Quickbooks is the old standard

Don’t worry you aren’t the only person that is frustrated by Quickbooks. Dear QuickBooks: thank you for wasting my day. I still hate you.— Travis Tubbs (@TravisTubbs) April 8, 2013 Intuit’s QuickBooks has been the gold standard of accounting software for decades. Taught in schools to prospective bookkeepers, QuickBooks is recommended by thousands of accountants. QuickBooks and all it’s various versions are geared toward the average small business, which is any business under 500 employees. This

How Much Of Your Day Is Spent Trying To Get “Better” Clients?

I recently watched a talk Seth Godin gave and one sentence blew me away. Godin asked, “How much of your time is spent trying to get ‘better’ clients?”  the link is forwarded to the quote I referenced above. I talk to a lot of business owners, mostly people launching a web product or a service-based company. Most of these people work with their existing clients, making those clients happy enough to keep paying them. These

Looking for Easy Wins in Strategic Business Decisions

Anytime you make a decision (or don’t make a decision) there is a cost. The cost can come from loss of time, additional stress, cash and opportunity cost of missing out on another unforeseen opportunity. “Easy win” is a phrase Steve & I often use when making a strategic decision. A successful business is the culmination of thousands of easy wins, it’s never just one big decision. Steve & I use “easy wins” when deciding

Three Cashflow Hacks To Improve Your Business

Finding, getting, and then keeping customers may be the three hardest jobs for any small, medium or large business. If everyone agrees, I bet we can then say number four is managing cash. “What cash?”, is not an appropriate comeback. At least I hope it’s not. Since managing cash is high on the list, I have spent the past dozen or so years making this daunting task be as simple as possible through just a