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Don’t worry you aren’t the only person that is frustrated by Quickbooks.

Dear QuickBooks: thank you for wasting my day. I still hate you.— Travis Tubbs (@TravisTubbs) April 8, 2013

frustrated quickbooks help

Intuit’s QuickBooks has been the gold standard of accounting software for decades. Taught in schools to prospective bookkeepers, QuickBooks is recommended by thousands of accountants.

QuickBooks and all it’s various versions are geared toward the average small business, which is any business under 500 employees. This software can do anything, at the cost of the user’s experience trying to understand the software.

We’re the anti-QuickBooks software, and we’re not building accounting software for any business. Our average customer has less than ten employees and does less than three million dollars in revenue each year. They usually have one or more contractors as well.

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