Track Billable Hours with These Tips

If you’re not billing your hours, then why are you even working? Until you know how many hours a week you work, you’ll never know how much you’re actually getting paid. It could be five dollars an hour or five hundred. To learn how much your time is worth, you absolutely need to track your time. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to be painful. Here are five downright easy ways you can keep track


Paypal Background PayPal is not a bank, but it does have a significant interest in working with, and serving, small businesses. PayPal enables payments into accounts from buyers and extractions of funds from sellers – whether of products or services – in an efficient, secure way that, though transfers can take “3 to 5 business days”, according to messages sent to those seeking transfers into their bank accounts from their PayPal account, the truth is,

Our Customer Onboarding Mistakes by Samuel Hulick

As a designer onboarding is the toughest portion of customer experience to craft. Onboarding into accounting software is even harder. Each customer has a different expectation, past experience with our competitors, knowledge of accounting and attention span. We’ve been building this product since 2007, and very often I get stuck in a rut and make the wrong assumptions. Getting feedback from our customers is vital to helping us improve our product. There’s no such thing


BB&T Background Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) is one of the nation’s largest bank holding companies. It has assets of more than $189 billion and a market cap of $28 billion-plus. It serves consumers and both large and small businesses across 12 states and the District of Columbia. There are six types of accounts for small businesses Business Value 200Business Value 500Business Analyzed CheckingBusiness Interest CheckingCommercial Interest CheckingCommunity CheckingThere are four more intended to be

Common Tasks for a Small Business Lawyer

As a small business owner, you’re walking a legal gauntlet. Your lawyer and CPA are here to protect your sweet buttocks by predicting future problems, and either steering you away from these situations or putting the necessary documents in place to protect you going forward. Since I’m not a lawyer, I find myself saying, “I didn’t know an lawyer can do that!” This article was a collaboration with Anitha Cadambi, a small business lawyer in California.

How to Find & Hire a Designer from Dribbble

I wrote this article for web shops and tech startups looking to hire design talent. About twice a week someone emails me “I need to find a designer, can you help me?” Hiring talented people at an affordable rate is getting tougher and tougher. Finding talented people is easy. The easier you can find someone means others are finding them and they have plenty of leads and offers, and their rate is higher. It’s harder

Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank Background The unusual name Fifth Third Bank about in 1908 when Cincinnati's Third National Bank and the same city's Fifth National Bank merged. Though the former was the senior partner, as it were, the name Third Fifth name was rejected because it was feared some might associate it with significant alcohol consumption, in a time where prohibitionists were gaining strength. The bank remains based in Cincinnati. It's web site reveals nothing about its ranking

Get Bookkeeping Help with LessAccounting

Last week we featured a guest post by David Dunne in which he outlined “Easy Accounting Tips For Small Businesses.” If you haven’t read it yet, definitely check it out as it contains helpful tips that are easy to implement right now. In this article we’ll talk about how software can help with bookkeeping to save you time. Bookkeeping Each Week Let’s face it: Bookkeeping can seem scary and time consuming, but only if you leave it

How to Hire a Small Business Attorney

Most business owners think they can fly under the legal radar of their clients and don’t really need an attorney…until it’s too late. We’re not fans of being fear mongers but we do want to be realistic about giving advice. Where Do I Find an Attorney? Attorney Referral from a Friend The easiest way to find an attorney is to ask a friend or family member. Just remember that simply because your cousin Eddie is

Why Are Your Clients Paying Late – Understanding How To Get Paid

As a business, a crucial part of success is managing your cash flow. All the amazing branding and wonderful customer service in the world won’t keep your doors open. We’ve talked before about how your invoices can be set up to be clear and concise so that you get paid quickly, and about how outstanding invoices “ones that are sent, but not yet late” can be difficult to collect. Today, we’re going to look into why your

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