Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bank Background

The unusual name Fifth Third Bank about in 1908 when Cincinnati’s Third National Bank and the same city’s Fifth National Bank merged. Though the former was the senior partner, as it were, the name Third Fifth name was rejected because it was feared some might associate it with significant alcohol consumption, in a time where prohibitionists were gaining strength.

The bank remains based in Cincinnati. It’s web site reveals nothing about its ranking among local banks or what assets it has. Oddly, given the bank’s almost-cute name, even its FAQ file fails to address the source of the name. And readily available sources, like the bank itself, reveal nothing about the breadth or depth of its business.

Types of Bank Accounts

While Fifth Third offers five checking account options for consumers, it doesn’t seem to offer any for specifically geared to small businesses. It does, however, offer business-oriented credit and credit MasterCards offering points and rewards based on dollars spent. And, when linked with a business checking account, the card offers overdraft protection.

First Third’s merchant services include POS check processing, credit and debit card processing, and gift cards. The bank also offers quick and easy access to powerful online banking tools that can help you operate more efficiently and give you greater visibility and control of your cash flow.Their solutions also will enable your business to eliminate paper-based transactions and improve fraud control.

Fifth Third’s ACH (clearing house) origination includes 50 free debits and 50 free credits per month and intra-day reporting. ACH origination is an addition $20 per month — waived if you maintain an average monthly collected balance origination of at least $50,000 in your primary Firth Third Business Checking account.

A special feature of Fifth Third is its private bank — offering high-worth individuals and families access to sophisticated investment solutions that can help simplify finances so you can focus on your goals. Fifth Third has over 100 years of experience in wealth planning and private banking.

Customer Review

“I’m fortunate enough to need. as a very successful small businessman, the services of a private bank. Fifth Third’s has done well by me.” -Mary M.

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