Common Contracts for a Service Business

This article is specially written for service based business which include design companies, web development, software companies, graphic design firms, marketing companies and photographers. What Kinds Of Contracts Do I Need? Service Contracts You will probably use this contract the most. It reflects the services you will provide and the price at which you are […]

PayPal Customer Service is Painful, WePay is THE PayPal Alternative

Paypal is terrible. I know that, you know that, Paypal even knows that. Paypal’s customer support is notorious for being terrible. They’re known for freezing the funds of their customers for no reason, their antiquated user interface is confusing and half the “download reports” buttons don’t even work. There’s a reason their customers build things […]


Why and How To Get Client Referrals

We are using a web design shop as an example throughout this article, but these principles can be applied to almost any small business. Hypothetical Math Let’s say you build websites for an average of $7,000 in cost, and you build 40 websites per year. Awesome. Your revenue is probably around $280,000 annually. Maybe two […]


Our Sales Action Plan Creates More Paying Clients

What Is A Sales Action Plan? An email sales action plan is a framework for the sales cycle of your business. Probably your typical sales cycle is this… a lead comes into your company, you put forth effort to land this new lead and then after a few weeks the communication fizzles out. Our sales […]

Compass BBVA

Compass BBVA Background BBVA Compass, one of the 25 largest U.S. banks (based on deposit market share), operates throughout the Sunbelt region. It operated 688 branches in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. It ranks among the largest banks in Alabama (2nd), Texas (4th) and Arizona (5th). In addition, BBVA Compass has […]

Starting A Business As A Stay-At-Home Mom: Tips For Success

Starting a business is nothing to take lightly, but these days it’s easier than ever to become your own boss. With advances in technology, we’re now able to use crowdfunding, social media and e-commerce sites and smartphone apps to build a business from the ground up and nurture it into success from the comfort of […]

Net 30 vs Net 90 – The Best Way To Get Your Business Paid

Basically no one goes into business because they think to themselves, ”I’m a great business person,” or, “I can’t wait to debate the intricate differences between net 30 and net 90 with clients.” No, you go into business because everyone loves your photographs, or you’re an amazing writer, or because you love to cook and […]

free invoice

Free Printable Invoice Templates

Free Printable Invoice Templates What is an invoice? At its heart, an invoice is a bill--an itemized list of the products you sold, or the services you rendered. Usually the invoice lists quantities, prices, and any special fees like shipping charges and taxes. What are the benefits of using a template for your invoices? A [...]

Bank of the West

Bank of the West Background With banking and commercial offices in 19 states – spanning the West, the Southwest, the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain states – Bank of the West offers three types of checking accounts for small businesses: Classic: Classic has a $10 monthly service charge — which can be avoided if a balance of $3000 […]

Year End Tax Planning, Start Planning Now!

Year after year it never fails that the age-old misconception about tax preparation rears its ugly head in the form of comments like “I want you to get me back as much as possible” or “Last year my tax guy let me deduct my dry cleaning expenses for my suits.” The misconception I’m talking about […]