Bank of the West

Bank of the West Background

With banking and commercial offices in 19 states – spanning the West, the Southwest, the Midwest and the Rocky Mountain states – Bank of the West offers three types of checking accounts for small businesses:

  1. Classic: Classic has a $10 monthly service charge — which can be avoided if a balance of $3000 is maintained or with a combined minimum balance of $6000 which can include linked money market, CD and/or savings balances.
  2. Choice: Choice accounts’ $20 monthly fee can be avoided if a $6000 balance is maintained or if there’s a combined balance of $15,000 between money market, CD and savings accounts.
  3. Analyzed:

Merchant services include ‘seamless’ credit card transaction processing, access to point-of-sale terminals, same day access to funds, and mobile card readers.

There are two business-oriented credit cards available from Bank of the West — the Business Rewards Master card and the Business Master Card. The former offers reward points on every purchase. The latter has no annual.

The web site provides no information about how long statements are available (or even if the are), nor does it say how long its Image Express feature leaves check images available online.

The web site does not provide a comfortable experience for busy people: It’s too hard to find what, of what you want, is available. (Inevitably, some of what you want to find won’t be available.)

Bank of the West is California’s fifth largest bank. It doesn’t seem to be striving for a higher ranking.

Customer Review

“It’s comforting to know that, as I travel around the Bank of the West’s territory, there’s a good chance I will be able to find a branch to visit when I simply don’t feel like trying to do all my banking online.” – Eugene E.

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