PayPal Customer Service is Painful, WePay is THE PayPal Alternative

Paypal is terrible. I know that, you know that, Paypal even knows that. Paypal’s customer support is notorious for being terrible. They’re known for freezing the funds of their customers for no reason, their antiquated user interface is confusing and half the “download reports” buttons don’t even work. There’s a reason their customers build things like this website.

WePay is a payment solution that’s been around for years. They’ve been on our radar and we’ve always wanted to build an integration. If you look around WePay’s website you’ll see it’s geared toward service providers, “get paid faster” is there tagline! As business owners, we know getting paid faster is hugely important for avoiding cash flow problems.

Last week we launched WePay integration to help you get paid faster. They’re a payment processor, so they’ll allow your clients to pay their invoices via a webform. Not only are they a great product with great support, they’re a company you want to root for.

Here’s how to setup the integration

  • On LessAccounting, go to “Settings” then “Invoice Payment Integrations.”
  • Click the WePay logo then the “Connect to WePay” button that appears. You should now be directed to the WePay website.
  • If you are a current WePay user, simply log in. If you’re new to WePay, fill in the fields to sign up. This will take just a second or 2. Be sure to checkmark that you agree to their terms, then click the “Grant Access” button.
  • At this point you’ll be automatically redirected back to your LessAccounting Settings. And you’re done! 🙂

More of a visual person? Here’s a video!

Once set-up, you will notice WePay as a payment method when sending invoices via email to your clients. It will be listed in a drop-down menu on the Final Step before sending out the invoice.

Paying via WePay is just as easy for your clients and customers too. If they already use WePay, they simply have to log in after clicking the “Pay Invoice” button in their email. If they don’t use WePay and don’t want to sign up, no problem! They can simply enter in their credit card details to pay you, without ever having to create a WePay account.

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