How I Write an Article, Going from Idea to Rough Draft

Since co-starting LessEverything in 2007, I’ve written over 350 blog articles. I never thought I’d spend so much time writing as part of my job. Admittedly, I am not a great writer and I never received A’s in English classes. I didn’t grow up with aspirations to teach, share information or write articles like these. Surprisingly, writing has become an instrumental part of our “success story,” or rather, “We write stuff and other people read it

From Rough Draft to Published Article, Our Editing Process.

In a previous article, I wrote about how we handle our content developmentfor the LessAccounting blog. That article talked about a rough draft article’s origin. We’re not going to cover where we get inspiration for articles or article types. This post is about our editing process after a rough draft is created. People involved in our content: Me (Allan)I write or start most of the articles.I also get the article live in our blog, make the

SEO + Content Development, Simplified. The 3 Types of Articles We Write.

I’ll start by saying content development and search engine optimization will not save your business if you have a shitty product or service. But they do have a small place in our grand marketing adventure. Since 2007, we have written over 500 articles for our LessEverything.com blog. We wrote to share, and we wrote to satisfy ourselves creatively. The traffic to that blog grew, and although it was nothing worth bragging about, it still gets clicks

Easy Estimated Taxes for 2013

What are estimated taxes? Estimated taxes are taxes paid on income that is not subject to withholding. In other words, any income that hasn’t already had taxes automatically deducted. If you’re someone else’s employee and get regular checks, you’ll notice that a portion of your wages is taken out or withheld for taxes. That means your employer has done the work for you: Figured out your taxes and sent them along to the IRS in

Best Software for Freelancers

There is more software available for small businesses and freelancers than ever before, and it’s getting easier and cheaper to use. We have to work to get paid, and it’s hard to find time to search out the latest tools. I spoke to a few of my design and developer friends to see what they think is the best software for freelancers. This review is from Sept 2013, I’ll try to post a new review

You’re Going Out Of Business, You Just Don’t Realize It

We’ve all driven past businesses with “Going out of Business” signs. Being that our businesses don’t have storefronts, what does a failing freelance career or failing tech business look like? Here’s a common case of a web consultancy A freelancer will get a couple of well-paying clients. Hooray! Months of money earning goes by, slowly their ego puffs up. This freelancer might hire a person to help them, maybe rent an office. Business spending gets

Priming a Possible Buyer

With LessAccounting, our goal is to take a website visitor and turn them into a long-term, 36+ month customer. That’s at least a three-year relationship with us. So how do you take a website visitor and convince them to get into a long-term relationship with you? It starts with priming the customer, overcoming objections and showcasing all your most valuable points. Here’s where the problems for me as a designer and copywriter start. I want

What Is A “Statement Of Work”?

If you’re a videographer, photographer, designer, programmer, or marketer, most client project conversations start with a proposal. If you provide any service, you should be using a contract. In a previous article, we outlined graphic design contracts and mentioned a statement of work. But what is a statement of work or SOW? What is a Statement of Work? Purpose or Goal of the Project: Outline the goal of the project. Are you creating software that helps pet store

Graphic Design Contracts Explained

Graphic design contracts or contracts in general should not be scary. Using a contract does not mean you don’t trust your client, or that you’re gearing up for lawsuit. A contract is an outline of how the business relationship and the project will proceed. In its simplest form, a contract takes the information used in the proposal and adds terms and conditions to it. Remember, both you and your client must sign the contract to

How To Track Personal & Business Finances In One Spreadsheet

I’ve been running a small business for six years and I’ve finally settled on a simple way to answer these key questions: Are we making money? And if so, how much? My business is incorporated, so I get paid as an employee and the business has a separate set of financials. I’ve always found it difficult to answer my own question of “How’d we do last month?” It gets kind of confusing because money flows

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