Priming a Possible Buyer

With LessAccounting, our goal is to take a website visitor and turn them into a long-term, 36+ month customer. That’s at least a three-year relationship with us.

So how do you take a website visitor and convince them to get into a long-term relationship with you?

It starts with priming the customer, overcoming objections and showcasing all your most valuable points. Here’s where the problems for me as a designer and copywriter start.

I want to drill into the head of each new customer:

  • LessAccounting’s value is time savings. Sure, you could use spreadsheets for accounting, but that takes longer. We’re here to save you time.
  • Our support is here to help. Reach out any time.
  • We’ll teach you simplified bookkeeping within the app.
  • Deciding not to use our app means going back to being confused, or using bloated software.

But how do we drill those points into the heads of our customers before we ask for their credit card information?

We had this idea yesterday.

This page appears on the billing page, after the pricing page where the visitor gives us their email address and password to create an account.

We’re currently testing this within the sign-up wizard. We’ll be posting results in the next few weeks.

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