Best Software for Freelancers

There is more software available for small businesses and freelancers than ever before, and it’s getting easier and cheaper to use. We have to work to get paid, and it’s hard to find time to search out the latest tools.

I spoke to a few of my design and developer friends to see what they think is the best software for freelancers. This review is from Sept 2013, I’ll try to post a new review twice a year.

Matt Stauffer uses tools to help himself streamline. Matt adds features to iCal OSX with BusyCal. He also makes file searching on OSX more powerful and faster using Alfred. Matt cuts time by shortcutting commonly typed phrases with Text Expander.

AJ Leon manages other collaborators in various parts of the word. AJ says, “Podio is the most fundamental app that we use to run our business. It’s more than project or task management, it’s business workflow.”

Keith’s favorite apps are collaborative shortcuts and tweaks. Keith uses CloudApp for quick screen grabs, as well as linking files for download to clients. The KnockKnockFactory team creates project moodboards using dropmark.

Jack McDade uses a Gmail inbox add-on called This tool allows Jack to make his inbox a mini-CRM. Using, Jack is able to set a preference on an email to alert him if the client doesn’t reply in a few hours or days.

Luke Miler recommends TeuxDeux. Luke says, “It’s lovely for quick to-dos and actionable things for today and few days ahead. I use TeuxDeux more personally for things mostly related to our business – quick actionable / admins things I got to do every day.”

Liz White uses CageApp, which helps her by keeping design proofs organized in one place. “This was super helpful not only for my clients who had to approve the designs, but also for the web programmer I was working with. As Cage helped me streamline the approval process, it also made the transition from designing to programming go more smoothly.”

The best software for freelancers are tools that yield the highest productivity and happiness. What software tools are you using to help you be a happier and more productive freelancer?

…and of course you should be using LessAccounting for your business bookkeeping.

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