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What Is Gift Marketing?

What is “Gift Marketing”? Gift marketing is sending a potential customer or social media influencer a gift. For the record, I hate the term “social media influencer,” but I couldn’t think

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Employment Experts Tell All

What You Need to Know About the FLSA Wage and hour lawsuits filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act have risen by 456 percent since 1995 and experts predict the

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End of Year Tax Planning

It’s fall…as a business owner what should you be focusing on? Fall is such a distracting time for me. The weather changes, there’s excitement because it’s football season, and on

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Hire. Fail. Learn. Hire.

We Are Mammoth, the web consultancy I cofounded in 2006, took seven years to grow from two to 17 people. The number itself isn’t magic or planned, but the team

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Paypal Background PayPal is not a bank, but it does have a significant interest in working with, and serving, small businesses. PayPal enables payments into accounts from buyers and extractions

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Gail’s Chocolate Story

Meet Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier in Madison Wisconsin. “I wasn’t always a chocolatier, I started my career as a travel agent.” said Gail. This video was shot by Eric and Danny of LessFilms. Read more

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BB&T Background Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) is one of the nation’s largest bank holding companies. It has assets of more than $189 billion and a market cap of $28

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