Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Small Business Banking Wells Fargo Background Wells Fargo, named in 2014 by The Banker as “the world’s most valuable bank brand,” is the U.S.s’s fourth largest bank by assets and the second largest by market capitalization, which in April 2015 was $281 billion. It’s also the 23rd largest company in the country. One […]

past due invoice

Make Invoicing Simple with InvoiceSherpa

Make Invoicing Simple with InvoiceSherpa We’re super excited to announce another integration partner to help make your invoicing even more simple.   About InvoiceSherpa InvoiceSherpa is on a mission to get you paid. No one likes chasing down payments, and managing your accounts receivable takes valuable time that most business owners just don’t have. That’s […]


Bookkeeping Help for Entreprenuers

Bookkeeping Help for Entreprenuers Why You Need Bookkeeping Help In running a business, there are employees to manage, and clients and customers to make happy, so your time is limited and already stretched thin. Jargon makes bookkeeping confusing. Accounting software usually doesn’t make these boring, confusing takes easier, they actually make it hard. The reality [...]

Confused by estimated quarterly taxes???

Confused by estimated quarterly taxes??? Here’s what you need to know to stay in the good graces of the IRS When you’re your own boss, hard work pays off, but it also makes you pay-- four times a year, in fact-- to Uncle Sam in the form of quarterly estimated taxes. If you’re new to [...]

Growing Your Business with the Breakeven Analysis

Let’s pretend we’re a donut shop. We started the business because we wanted to make money (and really like making donuts.) No matter the type of business chosen, we ask the same question as we go through setting up and starting: “When do I get to the point where I start bringing in more money […]