Service-Oriented Architecture SOA done right

Service-Oriented Architecture SOA? Ugh! A few days ago I was talking to my friend, and LessAccounting advocate, Beth Damis, who runs Bookkeeping By Beth. She was studying for one of her classes and the topic was on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). As we talked through the study points and pretest questions, I was struck by that old feeling about how screwed up SOA is. I remember when SOA was invented and feeling very excited about it. I also remember

Should You Grow Your Freelance Business & Start Hiring Employees?

Should You Grow Your Freelance Business & Start Hiring Employees? There’s a false hope among freelancers that growing to multiple employees will make a person “happier” or feel more successful or make more money. I’m not going to debate the definitions of success or happiness. It’s a common path for freelancers to move from solo to hiring, and most people expect it of them. Let’s take a deeper dive into what growing a company is

Free Invoice Makers, If You Like Working Hard

When I first went freelance in 2005, I generated my invoices from Adobe InDesign. I don’t think free invoice makers existed back then. I would create the invoice inside InDesign, and then send the client a pdf invoice via email this would make my job harder. Then take a copy of that pdf invoice and move it to an external hard drive (cloud storage like Dropbox didn’t exist then either). Eventually, that hard drive fried itself and

Collecting Unpaid Invoices the Easy Way

Struggling with Past Due Invoices? If you're looking for answers to any of these questions below you will find this article helpful. What is the past due invoice? How to make past due invoices How to collect past due invoices How to write a past due letter How to collect past due invoices How to calculate finance charges on past due invoices Are unpaid invoices tax-deductable and can be written off? Invoices... Yeah, we felt

CPA VS Accountant…Why Hire a CPA?

First there are two types of “CPAs”, active and inactive. As you can guess an inactive CPA should not represent themselves as a CPA. One day, maybe decades ago they passed the CPA exam. They might not even be up to date on new tax regulations. An active CPA continues to take continuing education course to keep their accrediation. Choose a CPA with Network Of Colleagues Next, there is the network that goes along with being a CPA.

The 4 Places Your Restaurant May Be Losing Money

As a restaurant owner, stepping into your accountant’s office can be the start of a nightmare, especially if it’s bad news and your business is losing money. The good news is, it is easy to plug holes in your budget if you figure out where the leaks are. Many businesses overlook simple spending mistakes that accumulate over time and affect net profit. Clever restaurant accounting tricks will help you avoid the costs that kill so

Chase Bank

TD Bank Background Formally JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, Chase – it’s operating name – is one of the U.S.’s Big Four banks. A household name, Chase has 5100 branches and assets of more than $2.5 trillion. Is there a Chase bank near you? Go to their web site and search on your ZiP code. Or don’t bother: Chase’s online and mobile banking services are so sophisticated, you never need to visit a branch! (You can even open

A Big Announcement from LessAccounting

We’re happy to announce that LessAccounting has recently been acquired by the team behind American SMB Servicesand Big Half, a system of mobile and cloud-based applications for finance, accounting, compliance, and taxes. Users of LessAccounting can expect a number of upgrades and new features to the platform as the new owners leverage its features and capabilities to provide better tools for business owners and contractors. The founders of LessAccounting are confident that the acquisition will only mean

Cash Flow Problems Are Avoidable, Here’s How To Avoid And Predict Them.

Running a service-based company is about effectively managing your time, your employees’ time, your stress and your company’s cash. Running out of cash, having a cash flow problems, is deadly to a service-based company. But stop thinking cash flow has anything do with accounting or bookkeeping formulas. It doesn’t. It’s simple to understand but hard to avoid. Here are examples of mistakes we’ve made as a former web consultancy. Predict Cash Flow Problems, Look For

What Are Your Business Problems?

As we write blog posts we write about issues that we’ve faced in the past that have stuck out in our memory. What issues does your business have? Share with us some issues and let’s start a discussion.  Please contact Us.

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