How Much Of Your Day Is Spent Trying To Get “Better” Clients?

I recently watched a talk Seth Godin gave and one sentence blew me away. Godin asked, “How much of your time is spent trying to get ‘better’ clients?”  the link is forwarded to the quote I referenced above. I talk to a lot of business owners, mostly people launching a web product or a service-based […]

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Taking finance for home improvements

Finance comes at a cost, so deciding whether or not it’s worth taking out finance essentially means looking at the cost of the finance versus the benefit of what it will allow you to afford. In the case of home improvements, there are four points it may be helpful to consider in order to take […]

Hiring Writers? Consider These Legal Issues.

When you hire a writer as part of your SEO strategy or website content, there are a host of legal issues to consider before making the writer permanent. What Do You Expect From the Writer? If you are clear about your expectations, you will have no difficulty creating the “scope of work” clause to your […]

Non-Disparagment Clauses for Photographers

Non-Disparagment Clauses for Photographers Avoid insane clients and their bad online reviews. During your time as a professional photographer, you’ve probably been hired to shoot at least one wedding, right? You know first-hand that a bridezilla isn’t just something that appears for half an hour on TLC. They’re real creatures(!) and they can ruin your [...]