How to create professional interior design contracts

How to Prepare Professional Interior Design Contracts

How to prepare a good Interior Design Contract This article is written for interior designers and decorators who want to learn how to prepare a simple design contract for their clients. What elements do you need to write a successful interior design contract? Statement of Work: What does the client want the designer to do, and […]

5 Strategies To Deal With Collection Agencies – Collection Agencies

Getting into financial trouble that results in debt collection is not an easy challenge to deal with for anyone. Whether financial management has been an ongoing battle or a few small missteps here and there led to the issue, receiving a call from a debt collection agency can be jarring. Unfortunately, the strategies for dealing […]

5 Best Accounting Software For Freelancers | LessAccounting

The Importance of an Accounts Payable Department

Every business or organization essentially has two financial flows — revenue and expenses. You could also look at this in a more simplistic manner and define them as money coming in, and money going out. Money coming in is, obviously, what keeps a business afloat and allows it to operate for any extended period. However, […]

American Express

Bank of America Background Bank of America, with total assets of $2.2 trillion, is the second largest bank holding company in the U.S. by assets. It’s one of the ‘Big Four’ banks in the U.S., and was listed by Forbes in 2010 as the third-largest company in the U.S. Bank of America operates – but […]

Subcontractor Agreements, an Easy Explanation

Subcontractor Agreements, an Easy Explanation FYI this is about a 10-minute read, legal stuff bores me but it’s important to understand the agreements you’re signing. Overview: Let’s say you own a webshop and a client has hired you for a project. Now you want to hire a designer and a programmer to work for you […]


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Looking for Easy Wins in Strategic Business Decisions

Anytime you make a decision (or don’t make a decision) there is a cost. The cost can come from loss of time, additional stress, cash and opportunity cost of missing out on another unforeseen opportunity. “Easy win” is a phrase Steve & I often use when making a strategic decision. A successful business is the […]