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Business Overview

This section is a learning primer that gives a few important links to read about the business you’re considering.

Read Time: 5 minutes

What Supplies Do You Need?

Have you done the ordering for a commercial kitchen before? Napkins, cleaners, aprons, straws, forks, plates, food baskets?

Read Time: 4 minutes

Cooking Equipment

What equipment will your food truck require? Where do you buy it? What does it cost and will it function properly?

Read Time: 7 minutes

Business Plans

If you plan on borrowing money from a bank or from friends and family you’ll need to show them a business plan.

Read Time: 10 minutes

Graphical Truck Wraps

Grab the attention of possible customers driving or walking past your food truck. What imagery will your wrap have?

Read Time: 5 minutes

Truck Builders

Customizing a food truck to meet your needs is tough. You might consider hiring a professional food truck builder.

Read Time: 5 minutes

Truck For Rents

Instead of purchasing a food truck a cheap short-term alternative is to rent a food truck. Here are websites to find truck rentals.

Read Time: 5 minutes

Food Quality Control

Having a plan for keeping your food quality high is important, read this interview from a Food Truck owner his qc methods.

Read Time: 5 minutes