Food Truck Equipment

To determine your food truck equipment needs consider these…

  • Size of your food truck
  • Type of food you are serving
  • Equipment needed to prepare the food.

For example if want a food truck that serves french fries and burgers your equipment and space will be quite different that that of a coffee truck. Foodtruckr breaks this topic down and introduces the most
common equipment used.

Different states have different laws,
food truck laws by City and State
and Mobile-Cuisine compile helpful resources in finding your particular state’s laws regarding your food truck and it’s equipment.

Truck Size

Food Trukr
gives you some food for thought in their article about “How to Start a Food Truck.” When buying or leasing your first food truck, Food Trukr gives you some ideas you need to keep in mind such as the size of your truck and the build of your truck.

Foodtruck Empire Breaks provides a
cost breakdown
of the equipment you will need as well as all other aspects of your food truck business.

FoodService Equipment and Supplies explains the weight limitations of food trucks as well as the popular combinations of equipment they come across.
This resource
also explains proper equipment repair and maintenance requirements.

Once you have found your equipment you will need a professional builder to install it into your truck. Foodtruck Empire provides a
list of the top rated builders
by state for your convenience.

Good to Get

Cater Needs Store
is the largest supplier of all catering truck businesses and sells equipment parts, hardware, and kitchen equipment. You can purchase coffee accessories, all the parts needed for gas, electrical, and lighting components of your food truck, as well as refrigeration, kitchen, and water tank needs.

Wasserstrom Sells
countertop gas griddles, hot plates, charbroilers, and stoves for small spaces. They also sell countertop ovens, steamers, and fryers. Food truck refrigeration, warming and holding equipment, and janitorial supplies are also available through this company.

Kitchens on Wheels
offer stoves, ovens, fryers, cooling units, warmers and more and allows you to customize your food truck with the exact equipment needed for your business dreams.

offers a wide array of restaurant equipment and equipment suitable for your commissary if that is where you will be preparing the bulk of your food. A commissary is an established kitchen where you can prepare and store food as well as park your vehicle overnight.

A commissary is used either for convenience or as a legal requirement by local/county health departments.
To learn more about the role of a commissary
and how it can be used with your food truck visit.

Food Service Equipment can be purchased used or new on
but beware as repair costs of used equipment can defeat the original benefit of the low price.