Food Trucks for Rent

With Food Network shows such as the Great Food Truck Race and Food Truck Courts popping up all over the country, no wonder food trucks are becoming more popular. To start a Food Truck Business, renting is a great option to get your foot in the door. Here are a list of useful websites you can refer to in your search.

Rent vs Buy

You can spend hours deciding whether or not you should rent or buy a food truck when starting your business. Food Truck Empire interviewed Josh Hiller, co-owner of and, to learn about the benefits and the disadvantages of renting or buying a Food Truck. Food trucks like any business has the potential to fail. In this article, Kai Ryssdal asks Josh Hiller, co-owner of Roadstoves, what makes a successful food truck. According to Hiller, both the graphic design of the truck and the food have to be good and catch people’s attention. Kai Ryssdal also interviews Jonathan Salvatore about his typical day on the job.

Retail Price of a Truck

Forbes tells you how much you should pay for a reliable food truck. They also compare the costs of opening a food truck versus a restaurant. In this short article, Forbes also lists the additional costs that food trucks need to operate. Mobile Cuisine breaks down the costs of buying or renting a food truck. In this four part series about “Breaking into the food truck industry,” mobile cuisines lists the steps you need to take to start your own food truck business. If you’re looking for a place to rent food trucks, check out this list: At Food Truck Rental, you can search for rental food trucks from all over the US. To find the one closest to you, just type in your zipcode! And if you have a food truck that you want to rent out, you can list it on their site. On Roaming Hunger, you can rent, lease, sell, or buy a food truck. Unlike many food truck rentals or sellers, Roaming Hunger also has all the necessary knowledge and tools to help you build a successful food truck business such as social media integration and branding education. Road Stoves does more than just sell or rent you a truck to start your food truck business. They also provide consulting, digital and advertising assistance. Road Stoves has a huge reputation with clients including: ESPN, NBC, and many more.