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If you restore a backup or open the QuickBooks file, following error may appear:

QuickBooks data file contains a problem or it is not data file. Please get technical support from Intuit and provide an agent with the error codes: -6147, 0

Why this problem is happening?

This error may appear if:

  • The QuickBooks file is corrupted.
  • You are restoring the backup using the network drive.
  • The name of backup file goes beyond the limitation of about 210 characters.

How to resolve this problem?

You can solve this issue by performing the recommended solutions by Intuit. Only a single solution can fix this issue but there is another possibility of facing the same issue again. In such a case, you should try all available solutions to fix the issue. Intuit also recommends performing these solutions in exactly the same arrangement as described.

Important Note: If the backup has error, you should perform the Solution 2.
Important Note: If you have been using security software and particularly Trend Micro Titanium, solution 3 will resolve the issue.
  • Solution 1: Download QuickBooks File Doctor, install this application and run this tool.
  • Solution 2: Restore a backup to another location

Important Note: If you find an issue with the backup file, you can perform this solution but if Online QuickBooks Backup host your backup or file is located on the network drive, you must save the copy of backup file to another local computer system.

  • Make it sure that your system is not being hosted.
    • Select Utilities from the File menu of the QuickBooks software.
    • If the option of Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is included in the list:
      • Choose Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
      • Click Yes in the window of Stop hosting multi-user access
      • Click Yes In the window of Company file must be closed option.
  • Restore a backup file that is saved on the system. Another backup can be restored but if is present.
  • Important Tip: When you stop hosting on the system to restore a backup file, it would be better to perform step and step be to turn on the hosting. Hosting helps you access the company file using multi-user configuration.
  • Even if problem persists after performing the solutions, you must check that the particular path to the company file contains lesser than 210 characters. For example, there are 125 characters in this path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Sample Company Files\QuickBooks 2010\Sample_company_file.qbw.
  • If your problem remains the same, Intuit Data Recovery Team offers full-time service to check your QuickBooks company file and diagnose the problem. Just contact the QuickBooks Technical Support and send a request for data recovery service. This technical support may apply charges.

Solution 3: Configure the settings of Trend Micro Active Scan and put the folder aside that contains company file

  • If you want to find out your company file location:
    • Press Ctrl key from your keyboard, double-click icon of QuickBooks software and open the software without opening the company file.
    • Choose the company file from the enlisted files within the window of No Company Open. Make sure that the company file is on the top.
    • See below the file list that shows file location.
  • Open the settings of Trend Micro active scan and set an exemption to disregard the folder.
  • Important Note: Since Intuit does not provide the applications of Trend Micro, we cannot suggest particular steps to set up any exemption.
  • If you want to get help to practice this process, please go to Trend Micro support web page.

If this recommended solution does not fix the problem, please visitIntuit QuickBooks Community website where you can post messages, read the discussions and put your questions related to the error you have been experiencing. If you want to get technical support, you can contact Professional IT person but it may apply charges.