Every small business owner is usually great at multitasking and covering several roles at once, but do they also need to have the knowledge of an accountant? Not while there is great accounting software that can do it all for you, which is why today we will compare even three of them for you. So, the trilemma is FreshBooks Vs HoneyBook Vs LessAccounting, stay tuned to find out who wins.

FreshBooks Vs HoneyBook Vs LessAccounting – Some Basics You Should Know

Accounting is not something you can learn along the way or try to wing, and as a small business owner, you can’t afford to play with something that important. A reliable and straightforward accounting tool is one of those essentials that can turn every time-consuming daily task into an easy one, but how to pick the right one? 

Nowadays, there are so many accounting software with different features and plans that it might seem like you’ll need days to analyze and compare them all. That’s why we have decided to first narrow down the selection to some of the best accounting software on the market and then compare the most important features for you.


We start with LessAccounting, a favorite accounting software among freelancers and small business owners. LessAccounting entered the market in 2011, and due to its high-quality services, user-friendliness, and great customer support, it gathered nothing but positive reviews.

As the name of this tool suggests, you’ll finally be doing less accounting because there’s nothing that LessAccounting can’t do for you. Every client gets the ideal accounting solution tailored to the needs of their business, and there is even a free trial for those who are skeptical.




For all plans, a 30-day free trial period is available.

LessAccounting Is Best for?

Due to the fact that every essential feature is covered, LessAccounting stands out as an accounting tool that is universal, meaning it can cover the needs of a small business but also a much larger one. The best part – you don’t have to sign a contract and commit. There is always a free trial so that you can test it all.


Founded in 2013, HoneyBook is another great tool that strives to make accounting less stressful and more manageable. Although it is a relatively new tool, the abundance of useful features and its reliability helped HoneyBook to stand out from the rest of the crowd pretty quickly.

Whether you want to set up a payment reminder for a client or adjust everything to suit your brand identity and aesthetics, with HoneyBook you can do that and so much more. So let’s see what some of the key features HoneyBook brings to the table are.




Unfortunately, HoneyBook doesn’t come with a free plan, but only two paid ones, a monthly and an annual plan. However, both plans come with exactly the same features included, so the only difference is the price and the length of the contract.

HoneyBook Is Best for?

HoneyBook is definitely not the cheapest option on the market, but there is a free trial, so you can give it a shot and see if that’s something you can add to your business expenses. HoneyBook’s target audience is definitely growing businesses able to spend more on such accounting tools. However, keep in mind that most templates that HoneyBook offers are more suitable for marketing-related businesses.  


Founded all the way back in 2003, FreshBooks is the oldest contestant among our three picks and one of the pioneers in this field. The founders developed FreshBooks by learning from their own examples and mistakes. From their humble beginnings and basement office, FreshBooks grew to become one of the most successful accounting software.

Let’s see which FreshBooks features are worth mentioning and do this veteran still got what it takes to compete with younger and fresher tools that keep coming.




FreshBooks offers four different pricing plans that can be billed monthly or annually, for all of them, there is a 30-day free trial option.

FreshBooks Is Best For?

Although they claim that they are the ideal accounting solution for very small businesses, the Select plan leaves an open door for some bigger clients to get a custom-tailored solution at a higher price. However, the biggest drawback is the limited number of clients and users – just one for each plan and the fact that there is a fee for adding more. Such an approach is a bit outdated and can be a dealbreaker for a potential client.

Ready to Solve The FreshBooks Vs HoneyBook Vs LessAccounting Trilemma?

Ready to find out which accounting software is the ultimate tool for easy invoicing, client management, and all that accounting jazz? According to our comparison, it is LessAccounting. This is an expectational tool that delivers, has a good reputation, has a large base of users, and won’t let you down. Whether you’re a freelancer or a small business owner, LessAccounting has got you covered.