Here’s how we stack up to others bookkeeping software

Xero Company Overview

Xero is a public traded company based in New Zealand. Xero has taken over 170 million dollars in funding. With a staff of over 500 employees in 2012 Xero lost almost 8mil dollars.

Xero Features

Xero’s app is feature rich, supporting the entire small business spectrum. Xero uses standard accounting terminology which most of our customers find confusing. Their app is confusing enough someone found it worthy of writing a help book called “Xero for Dummies.” Do you want to use accounting software that needs a full 100 page book to explain it’s features?

Xero Tech Support

Xero provides hundreds of pages of documentation. Hope you brought your reading glasses.

Who Wins?

Xero is a company trying to be the next Intuit. They’re building an accounting application fueled by huge funding rounds that must include every feature to make any sized business a possible customer. We’re the tiny underdog, we’re building a simple application that makes a small group of awesome people smile.

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