Why join the Chamber of Commerce?

Why join the Chamber of Commerce?

Reasons the ways the chamber of commerce can help your business.

Your local chamber of commerce can be a great resource for your business. There is nothing like being involved with a group of like minded business men and women. If you run into a problem chances are someone at your comber has already gone through it and may have some great advice for you. Need to hire a lawyer? Good chance there’s one in your chamber, or someone can refer you to theirs. There are plenty of benefits from a chamber of commerce membership.

Reasons to join the Chamber of Commerce

1. Solve business problems.

Owning your business is great but it has it’s disadvantages. Having others around to go to for advice or just to talk is reason enough to join your local chamber.

2. Learn something new. (or act as an expert)

Never stop learning should be every entrepreneurs motto. Chamber meetings frequently offer guest speakers on a variety of business related topics. Or maybe it’s exposure you are looking for. Offer to teach on your expertise.

3. Receive discounts from other members.

As a business owner you have to spend money. Why not pass it on to another chamber members? Not only are you helping a fellow member, who just may pass the favor back one day, you could be benefiting from a members discount. Many of the business owners in the chamber offer their services to other members at a discount.

4. Get free press.

The Chamber releases a monthly newsletter. Regularly send in press releases to be featured in the letter and get your business some extra exposure . These newsletter are normally shared with the local community as well as the rest of the members. As another benefit, many journalists will go to the local chamber of commerce for quotes in upcoming news stories. You never know how a chamber of commerce membership could expose you to new potential clients. Make sure you are doing your part to make it easier to find you.

5. Raise your profile.

If you join the chamber of commerce in your city, don’t take it for granted. Just showing up to free lunches won’t help your business. Put effort into meeting new people. Volunteer to help out at events. You will drastically increase the amount of business people you will be in front of. Many of who just may be your target client. This method puts you face to face with them in a non pitching environment where you can build a relationship that may become very valuable later on. I just gave you five reasons, but there are so many more out there. Be creative and find your own ways to get extra value from your Chamber of Commerce membership. Remember you get out what you put in so show up, make friends and create value for other members. Find your local chamber of commerce.

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