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Zions Bank Small Business Banking

Zions Bank Background

Zions Bank, a subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation, which operates 500 branches across 10 Western states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. (Hoovers company information service says Zions Bank itself operates only 125 or so branches across Utah and Idaho. That information, Hoovers told us, may reflect an un-updated D&B report by Zions.) No assets or similar information is provided on the company’s web site. Nor does that site – or Wikipedia – provide a great deal of information about the company – other than to say Zion’s was started in 1873 by Brigham Young, founder of the Mormons; It because Utah’s first chartered bank in 1873; Most of the then-named Zions First National Bank was sold by the LDS to Keystone Insurance and Investment Company in 1960. Shortly thereafter, Keystone because Zions Bancorporation.

Zions offers three types of checking

  1. Basic Business Checking The Basic account allows 150 combined in/out transactions per cycle.
  2. Business Checking Business Checking allows 300, and the Commercial program offers none.
  3. Commercial Checking
All have a $100 minimum initial deposit requirement. All types offer online banking and bill pay and mobile banking on smart phones and tablets. Monthly free cash deposit allowances are $5000 for Basic and $20,000 for Business Checking. While Zions offers an assortment of credit cards for its business clients, it doesn’t seem to offer such services as payment processing, considered an important service by many business-oriented banks. Truth be told, its services geared toward businesses — beyond a Business Resource Center comprising articles about various aspects of doing business. Zions clearly is focused more on consumer than small business banking. There seem to be significantly more services and programs geared to grown and growing people than to working-to-grow businesses.

Customer Review

“It’s nice Zion offers mobile and online banking services, but I really enjoy doing business the old-fashioned way — across the desk, with a banker!” -Franklin F.

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