Simple Invoice Template Are Very Useful

Why Use An Invoice Template?

Invoices are so important to the day-to-day operations of small businesses. Thankfully many simple invoice templates are available online. These templates provide a stream-lined resource to your business — allowing you to spend less time drawing up documents and more time doing your work and making money. Because invoice templates are created from many previous business transactions, you know the most important information already has a place on the document. Using invoice templates ensures you that all the essential information is covered and communicated to your

Where To Find An Invoice Template?

Though a simple Google search brings hundreds of invoice templates, it might take awhile for you to find the best one for a small business. But we here at LessAccounting believe you shouldn’t be spending your time doing the searching. In fact, we’ve already done it for you. We’ve compiled what we think matters most to the vitality of small businesses and created a simple, easy-to-use invoice template ourselves. Invoice Templates to Download
    • Microsoft Word
    • Google Docs
Our blank invoice template provides a great outline for your small business’s invoices. But since invoices are a key to keeping your company’s cashflow in the green, LessAccounting recommends taking a look at How to Make an Invoice to make sure that your invoices look as good as the services (and products) you provide.

Purpose of an Invoice

As a small business, your company’s vitality depends knowing where your money’s going. Invoices are an easy (and probably the best) way to bill your clients when using your business’s services — they also are a key way to keep your accounts receivable in order. But above all, invoices are the way your company gets paid. Acting as a written record of services rendered and products sold, invoices provide detailed information about a business transaction between your company and your clients. But invoices aren’t just about getting paid — its about getting paid fast, too. By providing your clients a document with a pay by date, an invoice made with an invoice template is a good way to communicate with your clients about when you expect to get paid, as well as the penalties that result when the invoice becomes past due. Good invoices shorten the time a payment is outstanding, and lessen the chance of them becoming past due or delinquent. Easy invoice templates keep you from having cash flow problems, as well. As a small business, your company must have as much cash on hand as it can. When clients don’t quickly pay for services rendered or goods purchased, it translates into less cash on hand for your business. And with less cash comes less opportunities to grow. If your company uses good invoice templates, it is easier to look at your bookkeeping and predict any upcoming cash flow problems due to seasonal changes. Your invoices will be uniform and you can find comparable information quickly. Uniform invoices using invoice templates make for more effective billing as well — lessening the chances of cash flow problems. Remember to use Net 0 with your clients: the money’s due now. Using an invoice template allows you and your small business to keep uniform records of what has been paid, making it easier to find out who needs to be contacted regarding an outstanding or past due payment. For more on how using an invoice made with simple invoice templates can help your small business avoid cash flow problems, read Cash Flow Problems Are Avoidable, Here’s How to Avoid and Predict Them.

Mailing Invoices

Though we’re in the 21st century, many small businesses still use snail-mail to send invoices — and their clients expect them to, too. LessAccounting thinks bringing the invoice-sending process into the new millenium by using e-mail is a great way to not only manage your accounts receivable, but save money, too. Many small businesses don’t think about the “real cost” of mailing an invoice. Sure, the cost of stamps, envelopes, toner and paper is apparent. But have you ever done the math of what mailing invoices costs your business? Think about the time you take to print and address each invoice. It might seem negligible, but multiply it by the amount of clients you have per year. That time can be even more if you bill your clients multiple times per contract. Overtime it can add up and really cost your small business. And you haven’t even figured in the time while waiting for the invoice to be sent, received, replied to, and sent again! That waiting time can have a real cost to your cash flow. Instead of watching your small business’s money being wasted, take an active stance! Use invoice templates and ask your clients if they would mind if you e-mailed their invoices. You can even add links to pay by PayPal, Google Wallet or credit card, making it easier than ever for your clients to pay as soon as possible. We suggest e-mailing your invoices, cut down on your paperwork and see your small business grow! Did all our talk about the “real cost” of sending invoices really hit home? Did you sit there calculating your lost profit, realizing the toll sending invoice after invoice has on your business? Well, we’re here to help with our partners InvoiceSherpa. InvoiceSherpa is a service that will chase down your outstanding invoices and manage your accounts receivable so you can spend your time doing the work you enjoy — which is what LessAccounting is all about.

Invoice Templates As Helpful As LessAccounting, Here’s why.

LessAccounting allows you to quickly send an invoice. You can also see when a customer views the invoice. We have integrations with several payment providers as well. Create recurring invoices and send proposals as well. Once a client has paid, send them a paid receipt for their records. Check out all the accounting features that we have!

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