Examples of Business Proposals Mistakes

In a previous article, we talked about some best practices of business proposals layout and structure, and how to lay them out correctly. This article is geared for small businesses and freelancers who do sales and write proposals. Your proposal should layout exactly what you’re delivering plus the game plan for project management. Your business proposal should inform the possible client and excite them to give you money.

Example of Business Proposals Mistakes

Simple misspellings & poor grammar

At the very least, have a co-worker read over your proposal so simple mistakes are caught. If you are a freelancer or don’t have co-workers, then hire a freelance editor to give your proposals a good look. If your proposals are high dollar $50,000+ you might hire a local writer to proof read them.

Hire an editor

Being Too Vague In Your Proposals

Not clearly outlining your deliverables to potential customers might result in a sale, but a misunderstanding may occur. The client might think you’re delivering something else and you’re under a different assumption. Assumptions result from miscommunication, which could lead to an upset customer or worse–being sued.

Never leave things up to verbal agreements. Simply discussing something (whether over the phone or in person) is no guarantee your customer (or you) will remember exactly what was agreed upon. Proposals should include any key points, even if you previously discussed them with your client.

Having Too much content

Unless the RFP (Request For Proposal) requires you to give your company history, career biography, or other points that would be considered part of the “sales process,” the proposal should be short and sweet. It should outline:

What you’re going to deliver AND when you will deliver the finished product How much they will pay AND when they are expected to pay

If your prospective client gets bored or stops reading your proposal, you probably lost that contract.

Sample Business Proposals

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