As is the case with many careers leaning heavily on creativity and artistic liberation, architecture firms need tools for tracking expenses, project management, and the implementation of customer relationship management or CRM systems. Luckily, accounting software designed specifically for architects comes to the rescue.

These apps can help with time tracking projects, invoicing, budgeting, and offering better insight into the overall performance of small businesses for more accurate customer billing. Let’s help you pick the best accounting software for architects that will transform the workflow of your architecture firm.


LessAccounting Is The Best Choice for Architects. Here’s Why:

Best Accounting Software for Architects
  • Generate Beautiful Proposals Fast
  • Send Invoices in Seconds
  • Bookkeping
  • Get Ready for Tax Filing
  • Trusted by Thousand of Companies
  • FREE TRIAL Credit Card Not Required


How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Architects


The whole premise of accounting software for architecture firms is to save time and develop a better project plan, and what better way to do so than implementing automation features that make your life easier.

This system can completely transform the way your billing system works. You can now set reminders for overdue payments, charge fees on late payments, and automate invoices to your recurring clients.

Speaking of invoicing, as an architecture firm, you’ll be sending tons of them to your clients. So, when choosing architecture accounting software, make sure to pick one that can generate professional-looking, customizable proposals with the least number of clicks.

You don’t have to create a new invoice from scratch for each customer, as many apps can convert documents like estimates and proposals into an invoice that is ready to be sent to your clients.

Integration With Other Services

When introducing new software to your workflow, you want to make sure that the newcomer fits nicely with the apps you already use on a daily basis. For instance, your business accounting solution of choice needs to offer tight integration with all the major banks to seamlessly import all your transactions and make your firm’s bookkeeping processes more accurate.

User Interface

The best accounting system for architects strikes the perfect balance between a simple user interface that never feels overwhelming to people with no accounting background and a feature-packed design that empowers professionals to have more control.

As an architect, you want to be able to track how your firm is performing at a glance, without having a steep learning curve ahead of you.

It’s also worth mentioning that complex software will require you to invest in training courses for your employees to learn how to use the finance app, which brings some extra hidden costs that you need to consider when choosing one app over another.

Cloud Features

Most of the top-reviewed architecture accounting solutions are now transitioning to the cloud. This is a bigger deal than it sounds, as you’re not confined to one device now. All you need is internet access, and voila! You can manage your business anywhere and anytime.

Best Accounting Software for Architects

Multi-User Access

Finance apps are now striving to become your go-to hub for bookkeeping and project management, and this is only possible if you can invite your whole team on board. You also get the option to control the level of information that the project managers and other members of your team have access to, in addition to assigning tasks to individual employees in your firm.

Some apps let you have multiple users at no additional cost, while others require you to jump to a higher subscription tier as your team grows. This can be a crucial feature down the line when you decide to expand the human resource element of your architecture firm and want everyone to have access to the same project management software.

Customer Support

No matter how seamless your accounting app of choice is, you need to make sure that it offers robust post-purchase support to walk you through any issues that you might encounter on the way.

Having your accounting solution down for a couple of hours can make you out of touch with your clients and unable to send new proposals, which makes Instant troubleshooting a key feature to keep an eye on.

Hidden Costs

At first glance, the entry-level subscription plans might sound like a bargain. However, some accounting solutions come with many hidden fees that make the overall package more expensive than what you anticipated. Make sure you check for any maintenance fees or hefty upgrades to expand your team members or your monthly number of invoices.


If you’re looking for intuitive architecture accounting software to get you started with keeping an eye on your income and expense reports, LessAccounting has got you covered. The app is easy to set up and requires no previous accounting or budgeting experience, and is considered a great option to track expenses and income.

Furthermore, LessAccounting ticks all the boxes that we discussed earlier, with features like customizable proposals, bookkeeping management, and a comprehensive reporting system, including tax filing. This makes it one of the best accounting options out there for architects.

One unique feature that sets LessAccounting apart from the bunch is how it blurs the line between proposals and invoices. You can start with one of the preset templates and create a professional-looking proposal that is one click away from becoming an invoice, ready to be sent to your clients right away.

Finally, the icing on top is that LessAccounting comes with a 30-day free trial that doesn’t even require you to tie in a credit card to register. This makes it the most accessible, commitment-free budgeting software that ensures you get the most bang for your buck.

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  • Automatically calculates and files payrolls on your behalf
  • An informative dashboard that streamlines cash flow management
  • Offers time tracking features to better assess your employees’ productivity
  • The Lite subscription with unlimited invoices goes for just $24 a month
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial


  • Can benefit from better scalability features to suit bigger architecture firms

Final Thoughts

A simple feat like integrating an architecture accounting software into your firm can be a game-changer. Business intelligence and data analysis are key to understanding where your firm is standing and how you can expand your operation.

After trying LessAccounting and getting to experience its robust set of features, architects won’t be able to imagine their engineering firms operating without it. The bookkeeping software features include project management tools, time tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

The architecture accounting software handles all your income and expense reports, client information, in addition to keeping you in touch with your business through a comprehensive reporting system. You don’t have to take our word for it, as you can sign up for your free trial today!

LessAccounting Is The Best Choice for Architects. Here’s Why:

Best Accounting Software for Architects
  • Generate Beautiful Proposals Fast
  • Send Invoices in Seconds
  • Bookkeping
  • Get Ready for Tax Filing
  • Trusted by Thousand of Companies
  • FREE TRIAL Credit Card Not Required