Finding the best accounting software for your small business might seem a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, we managed to find even three and will help you compare them and pick the best one. QuickBooks vs vs LessAccounting – these are our top picks, so let’s see which one of these three accounting software is the best one for small businesses.

Quick Summary of Everything You Should Know About Each Accounting Software


If saving time and money is one of your long-term business goals, then getting the best accounting tool for your business should be one of your priorities. But how to pick the best one if you’re not really an accounting expert yourself? Let’s start with the things you know well. Firstly, you should know the needs of your business, which features you require, and how much you can afford to spend on this tool. 

Then move on to exploring specific features among our top picks and compare them to find the one that is the most suitable for you. It’s that easy, and the best part is that they all come with a free trial, so you don’t have to start spending your money just yet. Ready to boost your efficiency? Here are our top suggestions for reliable and efficient accounting software for small businesses.


Starting off with LessAccounting. For every small business owner, dealing with all accounting-related tasks is like a small nightmare, and as the business grows – the more accounting you have to do. But that’s where LessAccounting comes to the rescue. Since 2011, this tool has been helping thousands of small business owners to do less accounting and more of what they truly love doing.

From expense tracking to creating a custom invoice and stellar customer support, LessAccounting can take care of it all. It is particularly praised by freelancers and small businesses, but it is also great for mid-sized companies. The fact that it is very user-friendly and easy to navigate makes it perfect for beginners and those who are new to the world of online accounting. 



LessAccounting Pricing

LessAccounting Is Best for?

Due to the fact that it is fairly affordable (and that there is a 30-day free trial), LessAccounting is a great option for smaller businesses on a budget that want to get the most cost-effective accounting tool. Every essential feature is available, which is why you just can’t go wrong with LessAccounting. Although a mobile app is not available, the desktop version is still very easy to use and navigate, so there should be no hiccups along the way.


QuickBooks is a well-known tool in this field that’s been present on the market since 1983, so they definitely know a thing or two about accounting. Although many are on the hunt for the finest QuickBooks alternative, QuickBooks is not ready to leave the top so easily and is constantly working on improving its software and developing better solutions. 

Therefore clients can choose between QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and QuickBooks Desktop Pro, which can be installed on a specific computer and can only be accessed from that device. So there is something for everyone, depending on their preferences. 



QuickBooks Pricing

QuickBooks Is Best for?

Although QuickBooks Online pricing plans are not as expensive as the desktop version, it is still a lot or often too much for many smaller businesses. Especially when you take into consideration that QuickBooks Payroll functions like an add-on that’s charged additionally. Therefore even though it is an overall great tool, many can’t afford it, and even those that can opt for more affordable alternatives that are equally good, if not even better. is a cloud-based accounting software that is here to simplify and streamline the accounts payable and accounts receivable process for small and medium-sized businesses. BILL was designed to digitize, automate, and simplify financial transaction processes. provides a range of features and tools that can help businesses manage their financial transactions, invoices, and payments more efficiently, which is exactly what you might be looking for. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons and other details.


Cons: Pricing Is Best for? is also known as a popular QuickBooks integration, meaning that many businesses use it as an additional tool to improve their financial operations. However, that also points out that alone might not be enough and makes its somewhat high prices unjustified. Why use two tools if you can get it all in one?

Accounting Software Showdown: QuickBooks vs vs LessAccounting, Which One Comes Out on Top?

We went through three very different yet great tools that can all be more than beneficial for small businesses. However, when comparing different tools, there can only be one winner, and in this round, that has to be LessAccounting due to the quality of offered services and affordable pricing that are simply unparalleled. When you carefully consider the needs of your small business, the budget, and the features you’re looking for, you’ll easily realize that LessAccounting ticks all of your boxes.