Our guide takes about an hour to read through. Read and share with friends.

I’m Allan, a co-founder of LessAccounting.com. A few months ago I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to learn the ins and outs of buying health insurance. I wanted to make choosing a health insurance plan less scary for others, so I wrote some articles to share what I learned. These articles are short and easy-to-understand. I may have even injected a bit of fun into an otherwise super UNfun task. Enjoy and share this information with your friends!

Understanding Insurance Terminology

Learn basic terminology of health insurance before you start looking for plans.

Read Time: 10 minutes

Obamacare Changes

The Affordable Healthcare Act has brought on new mandates, what’s going to effect you?

Read Time: 10 minutes

Hypothetical Medical Situations

Example medical situations & bills and how much you’d owe.

Read Time: 18 minute


Types of Insurance Plans

Insurance plans have different types, HMO, PPO, EPO or POS…but what’s difference?

Read Time: 20 minutes

How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

What factors should you be thinking about when you choose a health insurance plan?

Read Time: 5 minutes

What are “Exchanges” or “Marketplaces”?

What is the purpose of Healthcare.gov? Why are states building health insurance websites?

Read Time: 4 minutes

Ways to Buy Insurance

How can you purchase insurance? Must you use Healthcare.gov?

Read Time: 4 minutes


Choosing an Agent

Everyone should have an agent, but how do you find and choose an insurance agent?

Read Time: 5 minutes

Choosing an Insurance Company

There’s many health insurance companies in the market, but what’s the difference?

Read Time: 3 minutes

Small Business Health Insurance

Do you know about the new laws that may affect your business. Read on about business.

Read Time: 6 minutes

Misunderstandings & Myths

What are common myths and what’s the truth about Obamacare and health insurance?

Read Time: 10 minutes