Honeybook vs Quickbooks

One of the few disadvantages of being your own boss is that you need to take care of a lot of additional aspects that aren’t strictly connected to your area of expertise. All entrepreneurs, private professionals, and freelancers, for example, need to take care of their accounts and bookkeeping processes.

If you want to avoid mistakes without spending too much time during the day or week tracking your incomes or expenses, accounting software is what you need. Honeybook and Quickbooks are both valid and affordable accounting software options that can help freelancers and small businesses with their bookkeeping processes. They have a lot in common, but in this article, we’re going to focus on their differences so that you can decide which one will work better for you.

What is Honeybook?

Honeybook is a cloud-based accounting software. “Cloud-based” means that while you’re using it as though it was software installed on your computer, it is actually saving all your data and files in the cloud. This way, if you lose, break, or can’t access your computer, you’ll always be able to access your accounting data.

Honeybook features

Activity dashboard

Honeybook provides a dashboard through which you can check all aspects of your business with a glance: sales, pending billing/invoices statistics, and more…

Billing & Invoicing

With Honeybook you can generate invoices and share them with your clients.

Data Import/Export

Not only can you export data from Honeybooks, but you can also import data from different resources.

Reporting and Statics

Honeybook provides access to statistics and allows you to create reports that you can export, save, or share.

Alerts and notification

With Honeybook you can set up notifications for different purposes so that you don’t miss your deliveries, due dates, deadlines, or payments.

Third-party integration

Honeybook can be integrated with additional features from third-party resources. This way you can create a customized version of Honeybooks and optimize your budget.

Honeybook price

You can try Honeybook for free for 7 days. This is pretty short, but a free trial is always useful to understand if one service is suitable for your needs before purchasing it. This becomes even more important for Honeybook since it isn’t the most affordable accounting software available.

There are two plans available for this application, however, they both provide the same services. The difference is whether you choose to be billed monthly or annually.

  • The monthly plan costs $39 per month and it gives access, as we’ve mentioned, to all Honeybook features.
  • The yearly plan costs $ 390 per year: you can save 17% in one year.

What is Quickbooks?


Quickbooks is an accounting software tool that can be suitable for freelancers and small businesses active in many sectors. It also provides some customized assistance (provided by a professional team) al though you need to pay separately for that.

Quickbooks features

Transaction updates

Quickbooks can be connected to your business bank account so that it automatically updates all your transactions. It’s the most effective way to track your income and expenses.

Transaction sort

Transactions are not only automatically tracked and updated, but they are also automatically sorted and categorized. If you need to categorize your expenses into – for example – tools, travel, equipment, and so on, this is the most effective way of doing so. The more you automate, the better you can focus on your work.


Quickbooks automatically stores all your receipts.


With Quickbooks, you can easily create reports that you can export and share or save outside the platform.

Quickbooks Live

Quickbooks Live is the additional service you need to purchase if you want professional accounting assistance. When you purchase Quickbooks Live, you always have a member of the team at your disposal: there is a live chat through which you can ask for assistance, recommendation, help, and more…

Advanced features

The premium Quickbooks plans also have some additional advanced features, including the following:

  • time tracking tools;
  • bill pay for multiple vendors and contractors;
  • Advanced business analytics;
  • Automated workflow creation.

Quickbooks price

Quickbooks is cheaper than Honeybook, even though it isn’t the most affordable alternative available (for a cheaper alternative see the following section). These are the available Quickbooks plans:

  • Simple Start: $25 per month;
  • Essentials: $50 per month;
  • Plus: $80 per month;
  • Advanced: $180 per month.

If you want to purchase Quickbooks Live, you need to buy it separately and pay an additional fee.

Honeybook VS Quickbooks: which one should you use?

When to use Honeybook?

One of the main differences between Honeybook and Quickbooks is their price. Honeybook is pretty expensive and there are many more affordable alternatives. However, if budget is not a problem, or if your business is already well established, then Honeybook and all its advanced features will be suitable for you.

When to use Quickbooks?

As mentioned, Quickbooks is cheaper than Honeybook. This software tool provides every basic feature you need to keep track of all your transactions and manage your accounts, plus – if you ever need professional assistance – Quickbooks Live is an extremely useful tool. If you are just starting your business, Quickbooks is a complete software tool that provides access to assistance. However, sometimes beginners prefer a cheaper solution.

When to use an alternative?

Neither Quickbooks nor Honeybook are the cheapest solution out there. When it comes to affordable solutions, you want to make sure you are not renouncing quality: you need to opt for the best value for the money. When it comes to accounting software, the best value for money is provided by Less Accounting. It provides all the advanced features you need for your bookkeeping process, while also being affordable and extremely user-friendly.