Suntrust Background

Atlanta-based SunTrust, which had $175 billion in assets at the end of 2013, operates nearly 1500 branches in eleven southern states and Washington D.C.

One Type of Account

It’s single small business checking account is supported by the SunTrust Online Cash Manager system, which manages all your accounts, pays bills electronically, accesses multiple business and personal accounts under one profile, provides access to current transaction reports, check images and online statements, effects account transfers, downloads account transactions into your accounting software, set alerts and reminders, simplifies payroll processing (using the Online Payroll system), and sets up additional IDs (with security controls, limiting users to only the information you want them to be able to access).

SunTrust’s range of credit cards are equipped by with magnetic strips and the newer chip technology. This ensures your card will work whichever type of technology is employed at a particular point-of-sale.Mobile smart phone and tablet banking is enabled through an app allowing account balance checks, direct (check) deposits and more.

SunTrust’s web site has all the information you might want – but finding it can be problematic. Hint: Use the search tool to find, for example, the page about mobile banking.

Customer Review

“SunTrust combines every small business service I can imagine through one account and one profile. This is a powerful plus for us, as it enables us to let our folks do just what they need to without fear they’ll accidentally ‘stray’ into other areas of our business.” -Georgia A.

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