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How to Print an Invoice on Shopify

Sending invoices via email is the standard when it comes to Shopify orders, but the days of print invoices aren’t gone just yet. Sometimes, you need to print an order invoice if you’re shipping it to a retailer. That sounds fine until you need to print invoices in bulk – that’s where the trouble begins. You’d think that there’s a built-in Shopify “print invoice” feature for that, but there isn’t. Luckily, there are user-friendly tools to support your business, though, and I’ll introduce you to how to print an invoice on Shopify using LessAccounting’s Shopify invoice app to help you.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

  • LessAccounting’s Shopify invoice application
  • Shopify account
  • iPhone or Android mobile device
  • LessAccounting paid plan
  • Printer

Step by Step Instructions

There are several ways to print invoices for your Shopify orders, even if they’re in bulk. We’ll provide you with a tutorial for each of them so that you could use the one that seems easier for you, and the results will be the same. Let’s get into your total solution that’ll put an end to the inconvenience of using the Order Printer app! No HTML knowledge required!

1. Using the Filtration Method

The first method to print orders is to filter them by date range and financial status. First, you’ll click on “Invoices” from the menu bar on the left after installing the app. Then, click on “+New Invoice” and choose “Invoice for Shopify Order.” Following that, by clicking on the “Date Range” button, you’ll be able to filter your Shopify orders by date range. By the same token, you could also click on “Financial Status” and proceed to filter your orders even further according to their status. When your filtration is set, you’ll click on the “Bulk Print” button, and the request will be processed to bulk print those invoices that you chose. Shortly, you’ll find a “Bulk Print Batches” appearing in the menu bar, where you’ll be able to download the PDF with the order invoices.

2. By Selecting Two or More Orders

An alternative method is to select two orders or more to print their invoices. Like the previous one, you’ll first start by clicking on “Invoices” in the menu bar on the left of the app and then “+New Invoice” followed by “Invoice for Shopify Order.” Now, you’ll proceed to select two orders or more from the list of orders (choose the ones you want to print). You’ll then find a “Print Invoices” button, which you’ll click on to prompt the system to receive and process the bulk print invoices request that you’ve selected. Like the earlier method, you’ll find a “Bulk Print Batches” appearing in the left menu bar. Click on it to download the PDF file that contains your bulk orders’ invoices. By the way, you could customize your invoice template and even set automatic reminders, using UCAAS platform for customers to nudge them to make the payment. Play around with these features!

3. Through Your Shopify Admin Dashboard

The final method can actually be done through your Shopify admin dashboard, and it’s actually pretty straightforward as well. Sign in to your Shopify store/account like you usually would, and then click on “Orders” on the dashboard. Then, you have two options: you could either select two or more orders or filter the orders using the options we’ve discussed (date range or financial status.) After you’ve selected the orders that you want to print the invoice(s) for, click on “Actions” and then choose “Send or Print Invoices.” It’s in a blue icon in case you don’t see it at first sight. Simply, you’ll then be redirected to our app, which will receive the same exact orders you’ve selected. Go ahead and click on the “Print Invoices” button so that the system receives and processes the request. Just like the other two methods, click on “Bulk Print Batches” to download the PDF document that has the invoices you’ll print.


The way I see it, invoices and packing slips will always be necessary. Not just that, but they’ll also always go hand in hand and complement each other. While a packing slip contains the actual product information for customers, the invoice contains the important order details, like the payment information, delivery, details, and more that the customers will need to be able to make the order payment to your store. It’s like the printed version of the order confirmation page. Now that I’ve shown you the steps for how to print an invoice on Shopify in this guide, let me know how do you usually go about printing invoices? If you haven’t tried LessAccounting’s Shopify invoice app, try it out now! It’ll certainly help keep your business going by handling your bookkeeping and everything accounting-related with your Shopify store. From documentation to invoices, it just made my life so much easier as someone who really isn’t into accounting.

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