Accounting Halloween Costumes

Accounting Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and you need a costume. Why? Because someone will invite you to their office party, or your kids will insist you dress up to walk them around the neighborhood, or maybe you’ll decide to throw a party. So you need a costume.

Stuck for ideas? Nerd it up. Geek culture is huge right now (probably for the first time in human history). Here are some ideas for accountants, bookkeepers and not:

Video Game Characters

A character from your favorite video game. You can go old school like Mario with overalls and a fake mustache, or you can dress as your highest-level World of Warcraft character. Bonus points if you can pull off any character from Mortal Kombat.


Superheroes dominate the movie scene and the comic book shop. Plus there’s some flexibility here because most stores carry popular superhero costumes, or you can get hardcore and make your own. It really depends on your time and budget. Build your own 


Dress as your favorite app or website. Some construction paper and a little creativity, and you’ll look like a walking Pinterest page. The downside is holding the darn thing while you try to eat chips and salsa. Heck, you can go as obscure here and promote some cool app you use that no one has heard of. And really, why be the fourth person to arrive dressed as Snapchat? Maybe build your own Github Octocat costume. 

Go Meta

Suit up as a famous nerd, fictional or otherwise. Pick a character from Big Bang Theory, or find a blue button-down shirt and glasses and be Bill Gates. If you pick Steve Jobs, you have three options: live Steve Jobs, angel Steve Jobs, or zombie Steve Jobs. And please remember, Steve Wozniak is still alive, and he’s a really cool dude. Here’s how to build your own Steve Jobs costume. 

Whatever you decide to gear up as, keep a few things in mind. Is it appropriate? What you wear at a party in your own home might not be the same as what you’d wear to an office party.

Try it all on first. You might be wearing this getup for hours, and you’ll be eating, drinking, and maybe dancing in it. At some point, you’re going to have to use the bathroom. Think ahead.

Most important, on Halloween there will be a lot of little people running around in their quest for candy. If you’re driving, be extra careful, and if you need a designated driver, ask for one.