Free Blank Invoice Template for Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word?

It’s a word processing product developed by Microsoft.

What is an Invoice Template?

An invoice template is a template that allows you quickly generate invoices using standardized information. Read more free invoice templates for microsoft word

Invoice Template, why use one?

Let’s face it: drawing up a new invoice for each customer, every transaction takes time. You’re probably at the point in your small business where the time it takes to make an invoice equals a small, but noticeable gap in your potential earnings. Thankfully smart business owners acame up with the great idea of using the computer to create a fill-it-in-yourself invoice template to solve this problem. Long gone are the days of minutes of making invoices piling up into hours. In fact some small business owners have taken the next step in creating invoice templates, and actually created downloadable, free blank invoice templates for Microsoft Word — just download one, and you’re done! These invoice templates are created from many previous business experiences, so the most important information already has a place on the Microsoft Word document. You can be assured that your invoice covers all the essential information, and that your clients knows exactly what is expected of them.

Finding an Invoice Template

Ten years ago, invoice templates were most likely found in a book on a dusty shelf. You had to take the book, Xerox it, and then wait until you ran out of copies and those copies carbon copies. Today it’s much, much easier — many free blank invoice templates for Microsoft Word and other word processing softwares are available with a simple Google search. You can download, customize, save and then open the invoice template every time you need to draw up a new invoice. Instead of Microsoft word you might consider using Google Documents. Want an even easier way to find a free blank invoice template for Microsoft Word? Microsoft Word has them available on the program itself. Instead of creating a new blank document, Microsoft Word users have the option of creating a new document from a template — there are a range of blank invoices available to choose from. Once you have an invoice template, you can customize it to fit your small business’s needs.

Creating a Business Invoice

Is it your first time creating an invoice? Maybe you’re an established small business owner and want a refresher on what information makes for the most effective communication between your business and a client? Well, LessAccounting’s got your back — head on over to our How To Make An Invoice page. We have compiled writing tips for customer invoices, common invoice mistakes and other tips and examples to help you create the best invoice using a free blank invoice template for Microsoft Word.

Invoice Templates As Helpful As LessAccounting, Here’s why.

LessAccounting is packed full of awesome, time-saving features allowing you to quickly send an invoice. Our invoice hub allows you to see when a customer views the invoice you sent them. You can use some of our integrations allowing you to accept electronic payments. Check out all the accounting features that we have!

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