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Formally JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, Chase – it’s operating name – is one of the U.S.’s Big Four banks. A household name, Chase has 5100 branches and assets of more than $2.5 trillion.

Is there a Chase bank near you? Go to their web site and search on your ZiP code. Or don’t bother: Chase’s online and mobile banking services are so sophisticated, you never need to visit a branch! (You can even open an account online.)

There are Chase three account types that could be used by small businesses:

  1. Chase Total Checking: Chase Total Checking is, in fact, anything but total: It’s range of services is very limited, compared to either Premier Plus or Platinum accounts. The latter two allow for additional accounts to be linked to your main one with no monthly fees, no fees for money orders, cashier’s checks or traveler’s checks, and links to Chase Plus savings accounts.
  2. Chase Premier Plus Checking: Premier Plus accounts also offer no fees for Chase-designed checks, earned interest, and a maximum of four\ ATM fees per cycle.
  3. Chase Platinum Checking: Platinum accounts also include no fees for client-designed checks, no fees for overdraft protection or wire transfers, no fees for insufficient funds, and a 24/7 live person support service.

As noted above, Chase offers a spectrum of mobile and online banking options — if a service is available anywhere, Chase offers it — and sometimes better than competitors’. For example, up to seven years of statements can accessed online and printed. (Most banks offer statements online for three years or less.) (There is no indication on the Chase web site of how long one can access images of checks.)

Chase’s small business web site, while comprehensive, can be difficult to navigate and searches often bring up lists of irrelevant topics. With its vast assets, you’d think Chase would address this issue.

Customer Review

“Being a Chase client is, we think, an affiliation small businesses should want to have: Being aligned with one of the ‘big guys’ is prestigious.” -Elaine R.

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