Blank Invoice Template for Google Docs

What is Google Documents?

Google Docs are a free web-based word processing and spreadsheet application by Google within its Google Drive service. free invoice templates for google documents

Why Use An Invoice Template?

Writing a new invoice every time you do a job for a client is just as valuable to your company as not doing the job at all. Sure, that sounds harsh — but the five to ten minutes it takes for you to draw up an invoice can add up over time. A year or two into your small business, the time you spend creating invoices could equal the time you spend on a project, and translate into a real loss. Read more about invoice templates Thankfully some tech-savvy (or just plain smart!) business owner thought, “Enough with this hullabaloo! I am going to create ONE invoice and that’s that for the rest of eternity.” (Author’s note: Maybe he or she didn’t think that, but we can imagine their frustration was very similar to what was stated.) And that’s how invoice templates were born. And even more greatly, some other (maybe it was the same?) business owner decided to take that one step further: they were going to make an invoice template that was even easier to share with clients. They uploaded that invoice template into a Google Drive document and shared the hell out of that baby to their clients. So (thanks to these unnamed business owners) the blank invoice template for Google Docs is now a valuable asset in the business world. Using these invoice templates will save you time and money, and allow you to focus on making your business more profitable. And because many blank invoice templates for Google Docs are created from the experiences of savvy business owners like you, you can be assured that your invoice covers all the essential information in a uniform style. You can finally relax and take pride in the fact that a business template keeps client communication tight, so that your client knows exactly what is expected of them.

Finding The Right Invoice Template for Google Docs

The origins of the blank invoice template for Google Docs might remain a mystery forever. But don’t worry: the blank invoices themselves are so easy to find that even Scooby and Shaggy could find them without the promise of a Scooby Snack. Long gone are the days where invoice templates are found on a dusty shelf. Many free blank invoice templates for Google Docs are found with a simple Google search. And don’t think that you have to search for that perfect invoice template every time you want to use it. Google Docs has the capability of saving a template to your Drive. So, if you’ve taken the time to customize your invoice template, you can use that template each time you need to draw up a new invoice. Using an invoice template via Google Docs makes creating invoices with the most important information for your business quick and simple.

How To Create A Business Invoice

Is it your first time creating an invoice? Maybe you’re an established small business owner and want a refresher on what information makes for the most effective communication between your business and a client? Well, LessAccounting’s got your back — head on over to our How To Make An Invoice page. We have compiled writing tips for customer invoices, common invoice mistakes and other tips and examples to help you create the best invoice using Microsoft Word.

Invoice Templates As Helpful As LessAccounting, Here’s why.

LessAccounting is packed full of awesome, time-saving features allowing you to quickly send an invoice. Our invoice hub allows you to see when a customer views the invoice you sent them. You can use some of our integrations allowing you to accept electronic payments. Check out all the accounting features that we have!

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