17hats and Freshbooks are two of the most popular accounting software programs out there. They can both be very helpful when it comes to tracking transactions, managing accounts, invoicing your clients, and more. They are both useful for those who take care of their business finances on their own, and even for those who have hired a professional accountant: having all your payments, income, and reports in order will always make things easier.

These two software tools have a lot in common but they are also different. In this article, we describe both in detail so that you can understand if one of the two is more  suitable for your needs or if you need a third alternative.


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LessAccounting Is The Best Choice for Architects. Here's Why:
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What is 17hats?

17hats is cloud-based accounting software. Even though you can install the application on your device, all your files and data will be stored in the cloud so that they’ll be always accessible if you change your device for any reason. This software tool is designed to help freelancers and small businesses managers manage their finances and automate a lot of processes.

17hats features

17hats is a complete software tool: from this application, you can manage many aspects of your business.


With features like the Dashboard or contact cards, you can organize and keep an eye on your workflow in the easiest way.


With 17hats you can create professional-looking documents such as invoices, quotes, questionnaires, contracts, and more…


You can manage your payments directly from 17hats, as it supports Payal, Square, and Stripe payment processors.


17hats includes many branding features that can help you reach your customers and build your identity as a professional.


With 17hats, you can handle communication with your clients directly from the app. Furthermore, it provides tons of templates that you can use to create professional-looking emails to communicate with your clients.

Time management

The time management features are important for those who charge their clients depending on how much time they spend on any project.


If you use 17hats, you don’t need an external calendar app to schedule your tasks and deadlines.

17hats price

You can try 17hats for free, but if you want to use it in the long term you need to subscribe to one of their paid plans. There are different levels, and you can scale up your subscriptions as your business and needs grow.
  • Level One: $13 per month, billed annually.
  • Level Two: $25 per month, billed annually.
  • Level Three: $50 per month, billed annually.

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is also a cloud-based software tool that can, therefore, provide the same advantages as any cloud-based application. Just like 17hats, it provides different features to manage your business from many points of view. However, the features are less advanced and more user-friendly, and as a consequence, Freshbooks is cheaper than 17hats.

Freshbook features


With Freshbooks, you can generate invoices starting from provided templates so that they can have a professional look and include all needed information.


If you want to ask your clients to pay a part of their total invoice (for example, 20% of the total price of your service) before a certain deadline, Freshbooks allows you to set up and require deposits for this purpose.

Due dates

This is another feature that allows you to manage your payments: you can set up a payment due date for your clients.

Tax calculation

With this feature, you are always aware during the year of the amount of your taxes for the next end of the fiscal year. This is extremely important to avoid the risk of growing debt with the fiscal authorities in your country.

Time tracking

Freshbooks is suitable for professionals who charge their clients according to the time they spend on their projects thanks to its time tracking feature.

Freshbooks Price

As we’ve mentioned, Freshbooks is more basic than 17hats. As a consequence, its prices are lower. These are the plans available:
  • Lite: €3.60 per month (up to 5 billable clients);
  • Plus: €6.60 per month (up to 50 billable clients);
  • Premium: €13.50 per month (unlimited billable clients);
  • Customized: you can contact the team and obtain a version of the platform with customized advanced features. The price will also be customized according to your requests.

17hats VS Freshbooks: which one should you use?

When to use 17hats?

As we’ve seen, 17hats is an advanced tool and one that allows you to manage many different aspects from one single place. It’s more expensive than Freshbooks but it’s still worth the price, especially if you still have to set up your workflow.

When to use Freshbooks?

If you are already using apps to generate invoices and email templates, or you already have your favorite calendar app, it’s unlikely that you’re going to switch everything to 17hats. In this case, its features and the money you spend on them would only be wasted. If you strictly need accounting software, then you should opt for Freshbooks, even considering the fact that it is a lot cheaper.

When to use an alternative?

If you need a software tool that is focused strictly on accounting features, 17hats isn’t suitable and you can find something better than Freshbooks. In this case, our recommendation is Less Accounting. It’s a software tool developed to help people manage their business finances and bookkeeping process. It doesn’t have a redundancy of features and it’s fairly priced. Less Accounting is also the best option if you want to optimize your budget and make sure that you are only paying for what you actually use.

LessAccounting Is The Best Choice. Here's Why:

LessAccounting Is The Best Choice for Architects. Here's Why:
  • Generate Beautiful Proposals Fast
  • Send Invoices in Seconds
  • Bookkeping
  • Get Ready for Tax Filing
  • Trusted by Thousand of Companies
  • FREE TRIAL Credit Card Not Required