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Sole Proprietorship Taxes Simplified

Tax deductions are your friend There's a lot of complicated and conflicted information out there. Between the IRS website and the sites with a bunch of ads, it is so difficult to understand what it is that a sole proprietor needs to do to understand the tax implications of running their business.That's why we decided to create this guide - no ads, no fluff, or technical terms just straight to the point information that is

Top 9 Accounting Basics for Nonprofits

Improving Cash Flow In Your Nonprofit There are many ways to improve cash flow, so let’s take a look at some of the strategies that have been working for our clients. Review your cash flow statement (cash summary) regularly  If you want your cash flow to improve, you’ll need to keep a regular eye on how your cash is moving. Fortunately, accounting software like LessAccounting makes it very easy to generate cash flow statements and

Basecamp Invoicing + Bookkeeping

Basecamp Invoicing + Bookkeeping Spend less time doing your books & more time making money. You'd rather be spending your time landing project & making clients smile we get it. Send Invoices, Track Expenses Let's not be silly, bookkeeping is actually really easy. Most accounting software has it all wrong, they confuse you with terminology you don't need and features only a large enterprise company would need. LessAccounting is the anti-accounting application. Built for businesses

Reducing Customer Churn

Reducing Customer Churn Within Account DeletionUpdate: we’ve actually made this workflow into a standalone app that you can embed into your own subscription product. It’s in an early release now, LessChurn.ioWe’re a software-as-a-service business, and we write blog posts, Tweet, travel, etc. in the hope people will come to our website, create an account and pay us, month after month after month.On the spectrum of “business victories,” when a person comes to our website and creates

Customer Success Manager

What is LessAccounting? For many small business owners, keeping up to date on their books means less time spent growing their businesses. LessAccounting solves this problem by taking bookkeeping off of our clients hands. We offer our simple software with a team of dedicated bookkeepers to provide monthly bookkeeping at an affordable price, giving small business owners the time and the confidence to run the businesses they love. Here are some things you'll be getting

Write a Better Photography Proposals

Avoid confusion and limit miscommunication with clients when creating a good photography proposal. Download Now How do you write a good photography proposal? Why is it important? Okay, you may tell yourself, "I'm a photographer, not a writer." Your skillset revolves around cameras, lighting, and your artistic vision, not some dull document. However, a well-written proposal can be the difference between getting paid and going hungry. And you can learn to write them. The first

How to Make an Invoice

How to write and make a customer invoice to get paid. Writing Tips for Customer Invoices An invoice you send to a client can be delivered before or after services or products are rendered to the client. Personally, we like emailing clients invoices, it's faster and easier than snail mail. Your invoice requires some essential content such as your payment terms, what was sold and when the payment is due. Many times as business owners

Mr. T Warns Quickbooks Customers

Advice for QuickBooks Customers Each day I wake up, immediately watch a clip of Mr. T and dream of him becoming my friend since I’m his biggest fan. This morning we decided to pick on QuickBooks, like most mornings. But LessFilms, our video company, is super super busy. So the project had to be done in 15 minutes. Challenge accepted! I hope you get a little chuckle from our unofficial Mr. T/Rocky spoof video. Here’s some

Lawn Care Contracts

Lawn Care Contracts How To Write A Lawn Care Contract This article is for lawn service providers. It covers the most basic clauses that any service contract should consider important. As simple as your service might be, having a written contract is a must. Statement of work Step 1: Define what you are actually doing for the client: That is, define the kind of services you intend to provide--anything from cutting grass, to weed care,